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Freedom of choice

Where to spend your honeymoon? 10 ideas!


Are you planning a wedding? Have you decided what will your wedding ceremony, plan the ceremonial part of the Banquet and a photo shoot, picked up a beautiful dress and stylish suit for the groom?

Then you have to solve last organizational point, one of the brightest and best part of this wedding planner – to decide where to spend your honeymoon you want. If you haven't decided where you and your partner are planning to get away from all this wedding bustle, we can offer you 10 fresh ideas for the newlyweds!

So, before you top 10 best places for honeymoon – the most beautiful, interesting and romantic, perfect for honeymoon:

1. Maldives

To spend your honeymoon in the Maldives – which can be better for honeymooners? The delicate fine sand beaches under your bare feet, the gentle rays of the sun, playing highlights on the skin, softly murmuring turquoise ocean and a fancy purple sunsets – agree, Maldives — this is just the perfect romantic hideaway for the newlyweds!

2. Bali

Bali is popular with newlyweds who want their wedding trip combines all the charms of the civilized world, the exotic and the opportunity to enjoy a secluded holiday surrounded by nature in your free time. Especially among tourists who are looking for where to spend the honeymoon, the popular Bukit, Ubud, and Nusa Dua.

3. Saint Lucia

Today the island nation of Saint Lucia – fashionable wedding journey.

Imagine a lush emerald green, sky blue sea and delicious tropical cocktails that you can enjoy sitting on the soft sand under the palms, or quietly rocking in a comfortable hammock… the Best places to honeymoon for newlyweds who are dreaming about a romantic journey.

4. Canadian lake Louise

Your honeymoon in winter? Go to Canada on the coast of Lake Louise. Beautiful nature, majestic mountain scenery, emerald forests and down to the turquoise water of the cloud – what could be better for happy lovers?

Rooms here are lovely hotels, a riding school, well-appointed Golf and tennis, as well as safe routes for Cycling. Winter near lake Louise, there is a large ski resort, the ski season which starts in November and ends in may.

5. Tofino

A small but very picturesque town of Tofino on Vancouver island-another tourist gem of Canada.

Kilometers of clean beaches, fresh crystal clear air, the delicate fragrance of pine and the sound of the waves – here it is possible for a few seconds to forget about the hustling, bustling Metropolitan areas, feel the refreshing touch of majestic nature.

6. Greece

Greece – bright, shining and silvery, like a song, the country, which permeated the air like multi-colored silk threads, the subtle flavors of blooming orange groves, spice and salty breeze.

Greek resorts will welcome the couple and provide the newlyweds a great stay – interesting and enjoyable. The beach, clubs, shopping, Hiking and sightseeing tours – there are a lot of different entertainment for every taste.

7. Belize

The list of hot spots for a honeymoon is not complete without Belize. Tropical, vigorous and very exotic – here are three descriptions that first come to mind when you find yourself in Belize. Diving, Hiking in tropical forests, safaris and wonderful beach vacation will provide a lot of vivid impressions.

8. Florence

If you prefer stay in elegant old Europe, go to Italy. Honeymoon in Florence will appeal to fans of the combination of ancient architecture, beautiful nature and authentic Italian cuisine. Red roofs of buildings, fancy design of the ancient architectural complexes and numerous bridges. Especially beautiful cityscapes mountains in the background, completing this majestic picture of their majestic silhouettes.

9. Tahiti

Tahiti for several decades, is a popular destination for honeymooners. Thatched roofs, palm trees and fresh breeze, filled with scents of flowers and tropical fruits that will quickly help you to forget all worries and give a light and serene mood. Bora Bora became home to many Hollywood movies that will allow you to enjoy all the delights of this Paradise.

In addition, there is a very rich underwater world, beautiful coral reefs and variety of underwater inhabitants, so here you will find just great diving!

10. Kenya

Love the exotic? Then spend your honeymoon in Kenya! Enjoy the unusual nature of this country, feel the local flavor and visit a Safari in the Savannah.

Striped-feathered-spotted an abundance of the inhabitants of the national parks of Kenya will give you an incredible feeling. To observe the life of wild animals in their natural environment, to experience a real African Savannah to see such unusual, fantastic nature – this is really great! Divide with your partner these bright moments of life!

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Date of publication: 19.09.2014

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