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Jakarta is the city with the highest traffic


The company Castrol, a leading manufacturer of lubricants for cars, prepared the annual Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start Index-the index of road traffic in key cities of the world.

This statistic illustrates the situation with the load of roads and helps drivers to get an idea about situation on the roads of the city that they are going to travel by personal or rental car.

In Castrol Magnatec Stop-Start Index for 2014 included data traffic 78 cities in the world. The study showed specialists Castrol, the most difficult for motorists by the city according to statistics, in 2014 became Jakarta, Indonesia.

Here the drivers make the stop-starts (ie, stop and again start driving) 33240 times each year. This figure is very high utilization of the highways, i.e. the level of traffic jams in Jakarta.

The second place on number of stop-starts and, respectively, the number of traffic jams, went to Istanbul, Turkey — here drivers have to make 32 520 stop-starts while driving on city streets.

The third city was the capital of Mexico — Mexico city. Here motorists every year during traffic order 30840 times stop and start driving.

Fourth place in the ranking of busy roads is another city in Indonesia-Surabaya (29880 stop-starts), and the fifth is Saint Petersburg, Russia, where drivers annually to make 29040 stops and starts of the engines of their vehicles while driving on city roads.

Also rather complex traffic observed in several cities of Europe, Asia and South America: Milan, Rome, London, Manchester, Madrid, Barcelona, Taipei, Phuket, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Salvador and Sao Paulo exhibit index road traffic over  20000.

But the smallest number of stop-starts have to do with motorists Tampere, Finland. Here throughout the year, drivers need to do no more than 6240 stops and starts. Next is the index of Rotterdam, the Netherlands — 6360 stop-starts a year. 6840 stop-starts a year do drivers of two cities — Bratislava (Slovakia) and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). Brisbane Australia is demonstrating a slightly higher number of stop-starts: 6960 stops and starts per year.

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Date of publication: 26.01.2015

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