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Rent a car abroad. What to pay attention?


If you decide rent a car abroad, for example during tourist or business trips, the most simple, convenient and safe way is, of course, the rental through a special booking site.

First, it will be the official car rental contract are legally binding and guarantees the protection of your rights. Secondly, the contract of hire car will be concluded with a large company, not a private individual that you will agree, much more reliable and safer. Thirdly, most importantly, the chance to encounter fraud when ordering for hire cars abroad via the dedicated website reduced to zero.

But if you still for some reason had to find a rental car abroad independently, in the place before signing a lease auto should definitely pay attention to certain nuances — it will help you to protect yourself from scams and to avoid possible misunderstandings with the landlord in the future.

Rent a car abroad. What you should pay attention:

  1. Be sure to carefully read the inspection sheet of the car. Examine the offer you to rent a car yourself, and make sure all dents, scratches and other defects indicated in the inspection sheet. Remember that “forgotten”, not written in the inspection sheet damage, then you can obtain the money for repairs as if the damage occurred during your journeys.
  2. Remember that in some Asian countries, renting a bike or scooter is not supported by any warranty documents, therefore, necessarily in the presence of the owner take pictures of all damages existing at the time of receipt of the rented motorcycle, and specify the owner for the defects.
  3. Specify in advance whether payment for services of washing and dry cleaning a car in the rent – often on such surcharges to the owners of rental cars are silent to the last, and when you return the vehicle after use, you can “happy” so that's additional costs.
  4. Also you should know that many car, rental, already installed the standard navigation system. But since tenants are often not aware of this, unscrupulous car owners gladly take advantage of this, including the expense of additional graphs separate the lease of the Navigator.
  5. The rules of the companies where you can take a car, usually require the provision to the customer of the vehicle above the class ordered if the machine he ordered, not available at the time of receipt. Small companies and private landlords that have several cars, usually try to obtain from the customer an additional fee for the provision of a car. Remember that, in fact, the inability to provide you ordered the car, the rent of which was previously agreed with the owner – it is the fault of the lessor. And he is obliged to perform his part of the contract without prejudice to the customer without additional cost on your part.
  6. When renting a car usually reserved for a certain pledge amount for credit card of the customer, and often there are cases when small companies and private landlords that sum insured then do not return. If you do not return the security Deposit after the rental car, take the lease car, a statement of account and refer the complaint to the Bank – usually forcibly return money to your card.
  7. When you rent a car abroad on the spot, be prepared for the fact that the owner will try to get your mortgage amount in cash. In such cases, the funds almost never go back and get your money back in this case would be unrealistic.
  8. Often in the car rental contract stipulates that the lessee must refuel the tank before you return the car. If you do not refuel the tank, you can obtain the value of the missing liters 2 or 3 times.

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Date of publication: 03.11.2014

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