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Antique tours in Spain


Spain offers visitors a new tour called Romance natural way (El Camino del natural Roman Palentino).

Participants tours and will talk about the legacy of ancient Rome, shows, monuments of ancient architecture, natural and historical attractions.

In route sightseeing tour of the ancient heritage of Spain included 23 localities of the province of Palencia. The total route length is about 102 kilometers.

Excursion program on the ancient heritage of Spain, consists of three excursions: the Ruta del carb journey;n de complaint (66 km), Ruta de ROM in addition to Niko I (14 km) and Ruta de ROM in addition to Nico second (22 km). The route of the first tour, the main, runs along the ancient route that connected many centuries ago the ancient canal, Alar, and three coal mines located in the valleys.

The second and third of the excursion program includes visiting settlements, Santibanez-de-Sochi, payo-de-Ojeda Persanes and Dehesa-de-Montejo.

Special attention will be paid guides Rome historical sights and beautiful scenery of the valleys of the Spanish province of Palencia, in which up to our days preserved many architectural and historical monuments of different cultures and eras.

During a guided tour of the Spanish city you can visit in the mountainous region of Montana, known to be the largest in Europe by number of Romanesque shrines, ancient churches and monasteries (of the order of hundreds). Also this area is famous for the pristine beauty of untouched nature – this mountain landscapes and picturesque valleys fascinate with its natural beauty from the first sight.

While traveling through Spain as part of the tour and Romanesque natural way and rdquo; you will see the Church of San Martin, carrión de Los Condes, the Palace of the Marquis of Aguilar, the monasteries of San andrés del Arroyo and Santa Eufemia, as well as Natural Park of Fuentes Carrionas and Fuente Cobre and many other attractions.

Tours Romance natural way are held all year round but most popular time among tourists – the period from June to September.

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Date of publication: 04.08.2014

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