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Algarve. Winter Golf


Algarve, the southernmost province of Portugal, will always find something to please tourists. For example, just crazy by the standards of Ukrainian amount of warm Sunny days in the year – there are about three hundred.

Our people, accustomed to the gloomy autumn and winter weather, getting in this summer Paradise, definitely feels at the sight of this serene, Sunny climate, the mixture of envy and delight.

And then of course, almost uncontrollable desire to return again and again.

And yet there are all conditions for Golf-local Golf course only one of its kind able to give a heavenly delight even the most demanding connoisseurs. By the way, good weather and great Golf in the winter in Algarve attract many tourists from all over Europe.

In this Paradise for golfers can meet Golf fans from all countries. For their new year's vacation in the Algarve you will be able to play a couple rounds of Golf with a variety of enemies – the Belgians, the English, Irish, Austrians, Germans, Swedes and Italians are happy to come to relax on the Golf course of the province.

And, of course, here you will find just a great number of Portuguese, who come here not only as tourists – many Portuguese have winter “country” houses on the southern coast of the country, and during the holidays be sure to go here to enjoy their favourite sport.

In General, today we can confidently say that Portugal – one of the most popular countries in the world among fans of the game of Golf.

By the way, if you decide to spend your winter holiday in the Algarve, but don't want to burden yourself with transporting quite heavy equipment, you can always contact the office to Faro airport from the company «”. Here you will be able for €30-50 to rent a set of clubs and special shoes for a week.

Golf fans appreciate Algarve for a very mild climate, special local cuisine, the exceptional friendliness and hospitality of the Portuguese. Now the Algarve has to offer golfers some forty Golf courses located along the 150 km long Atlantic coast. The players with the different levels of training will be able to easily find the field for the game of Golf of any complexity.

A large part of popular Golf courses located in the Central part of the region – between Faro and Albufeira, but in the Eastern part of the country, close to the Spanish border, and West of the region (around the Ports), there are Golf courses considered among the best in Portugal.

Quinta do Vale

Familiarity with the Golf course in the Western part of the region of Algarve should start from the veranda of the club house “Quinta do Vale”. This is one of the most fashionable Golf courses in Portugal, built according to designs by the famous Spanish golfer Seve Ballesteros in 2008.

Located in the valley club “Quinta do Vale” is very harmoniously blended into the landscape. Its fields will be thrilled with how masters and beginners. Golfers here are five of the par 3 holes and six par 4 and 5, each hole for 5 boxes. The variety of holes – a very important characteristic of Golf courses in “Quinta do Vale”

An interesting fact about these fields: their construction and arrangement have been replanted all the trees which at that time grew up in this area, and, in addition, it was additionally planted another 3,000 trees. Due to such large-scale work at the club house “Quinta do Vale” today can enjoy an immaculately beautiful landscapes.

A 15-minute drive from this Golf club is situated in the coastal town of Monte Gordo, which usually stops the majority of golfistas.

In the club house “Quinta do Vale” in addition to the Golf courses of excellent quality as there is something to look at – there is a splendid view on the edge of the river Guadalmina, lead to Spain's suspension bridge, a green expanse of fields and Golf club «Costa Esuri GC”.

Castro Marim Golf & Country Club

A 6-minute drive from Golf club Quinta do Vale is another club – Castro Marim Golf & Country Club. He gaze at all the guests a very serious impression thanks to the very impressive club house, built in the Moorish style.

Golf club «Castro Marim GC” offers three nines: the Guadiana and Atlantico Grouse, which will be played in two combinations: Guadiana &Atlantico (par 71, 5265 meters) and Grouse &Guadiana (par 72, 5574 meters).

All 27 holes here is located on a very challenging hilly terrain, surrounded by magnificent pine forest. The fairways are quite narrow, so you need to play here should be very accurate.

The condition of the field, grass Bermuda, winter is always above all praise, and fairways, you can easily get around on Golf carts even in the winter.

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Date of publication: 27.11.2013

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