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5 secrets to a great vacation photos


Some take photos on vacation just on memory, others – a family chronicle, and someone – to publish in social networks to share their impressions of the holiday with their friends and followers.

Our pages in social networks are becoming more and more like a photo chronicle of travel and adventure.

We strive in every photo to tell a story, to convey the mood, atmosphere and dynamics around us.

And what would be the purpose you do photos of attractions and events around you, this photo should be bright, interesting and full!

But how to make good photos during the trip when the time is painted on minutes, and constantly hovering around many tourists, constantly falling in the frame? Service “Online Tikets” have prepared for you 5 tips and ideas for photographing with the help of which you will be able to make an interesting beautiful pictures that will adorn the family album and pages in social networks.

1. Dark photo

Take a good photo in the semi-darkness of the large Cathedral in the night club or on the streets without professional equipment is not easy, no matter what manufacturers mobile modern optics.

Noise, need to use a slow shutter speed, blurred faces – this is not all the difficulties that await Amateur photographers who want to make clear up dark photos. But there are a few simple tips that will turn you into a master of the night photo:

2. Tourists around

There is nothing that spoils the landscape as a crowd of tourists, accompanied by a noisy guide. They move erratically, appearing in front of your lens to the moment when you push the button. And well, if your photo meets a nice blonde in short shorts, but it may be very different, and sights at a good frame may be someone not so cute.

How to photograph when there are a lot of tourists?

3. The view from the window

How much wonderful scenery past the window of a bus or train! Unfortunately, even with the clear Windows usually such photos are blurry. Another difficulty in pobochnyh road photos – reflections of the saloon, coupe or even your brooding face in the window glass, superimposed on the photographed landscape. But it is easy to overcome!

4. Pictures of food

Now, photographing food, the restaurant, the menu and everything connected with it, has become a real trend.

But even if you are not a fan of this perpetuation of Goodies, sometimes such gastronomic photo still want to do to, for example, to capture the original design of the dish or the unusual dishes served.

5. Photo history

Use the programs to create photo collages – they help to make a bright, interesting songs, group story the photos and add descriptions and explanations. Pay more attention to detail – it is they who make these collections rich and original.

Want to bring from your journey a lot of interesting Souvenirs? Original framed album travel photoraphy will be a wonderful souvenir which will help keep all the interesting moments of your leisure trip!

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Date of publication: 25.09.2014

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