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Winter sale: where to go?


When winter sales start?

This question is raised by all the tourists who travel during the winter holidays on holiday abroad, after all, if correctly choose the country, city and time of travel, winter vacation turns into just a wonderful mix of festive holiday and great shopping!

We have compiled for you a list of the tourist cities in the world, which are the most interesting, biggest and, of course, the profitable sale of branded items 2015.

1. Winter sales in Paris

The French capital in January 2015 will give fans a really good experience a lot of pleasant experiences. The most widely expected to be a selection of winter clothing and shoes. Discounts on everyday things like announce the owners of boutiques will vary in the range of 30%, but the creations of the famous designers of high fashion can be bought at a 50% discount.

Where to go in Paris:

2. Winter sale in Dubai

With 5 January in Dubai will be a real festival experience, which will last exactly 1 month and 2 days. During this incredible holiday shopping buyers will be able to choose almost any goods with a really breathtaking discounts — organizers promise a decline in prices for the period of the Festival up to 80%!

Where to go in Dubai:

3. Winter sale in London

Season of winter sales in London starts in December, but really interesting discounts at local boutiques will be available after 1 January 2015.

Where to go in London:

4. Winter sale in Rome

5 January begins the season of the winter sales in Italy (for more details on dates for each Italian region can be viewed here).

Where to go in Rome:

5. Winter sales in Prague

Vacation in Czech Republic for winter holidays are very popular among Ukrainian tourists, but only a few know that the capital of this country also has its own small Paradise for shopaholics, which hospitably opens its doors in mid-December.

Where to go in Prague:

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Date of publication: 12.12.2014

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