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On vacation with the car: fines in Europe


Now, many tourists on vacation abroad take a car in rent, not to depend on public transport in a foreign country and have the opportunity to travel to different cities and resorts.

The service is very popular, and every year an increasing number of Ukrainians abroad uses rented cars.

But in most of the countries in which rest Ukrainians, traffic rules are very different from operating in Ukraine, and the fines for their violation sometimes can plunge into shock even the most steadfast motorist.

In addition, you should definitely consider that for certain traffic violations abroad may be deprived not only of the large sums of money, but car, and even freedom. Earlier we wrote about unusual laws for motorists in different countries, and now, in continuation of this theme, we have prepared for you the latest information about the fines in the most popular tourist countries.

Where and for what fined the drivers?

The Nordic countries

In Scandinavia-Finland, Norway and Sweden – the fines for traffic violations are the highest in the EU. Any, even the most minor traffic violation here will cost the driver much more expensive than anywhere else in Europe.

For example, if you were speeding in Norway, the penalty you will have to pay at least €430. For violation of rules of overtaking or going through a red traffic light you will issue a receipt of fine €630.

In Sweden, for talking on a cell phone while driving, the penalty will amount to €170 or higher. But for driving in a state of alcoholic intoxication (more than 1 ppm in the blood) fines the driver has not come off – for such there should be imprisonment for at least 30 days.


Speeding in Switzerland is confiscated the car, and the driver is liable to imprisonment for 12 months. Such a punishment should be in case of exceeding speed by 50 km/h or more in urban areas, 60 km/h-on country roads and 80 km/h-on motorways.


The largest number of fines for violations of traffic regulations prescribes foreign tourists Italian police. It is important to consider the impact of time of day on the amount of fines. For example, the driver who exceeded speed on 20 km/h or more in the period from 7:00 to 22:00 will pay a penalty of €170 or more, and for a similar violation in the period from 22:01 to 6:59 penalty will amount to €510 and above.

The fine for talking on a cell while driving a car in Italy is €160, for driving while intoxicated (over 1.5 ppm) here on seizure and confiscation of the vehicle.


The most common among foreign tourists traffic violations in Spain – is not wearing a seat belt and improper Parking. Both will facilitate the purse of the negligent driver to €200. Another, unfortunately, no less frequent violation-driving while intoxicated (1,2 ppm or higher). Punishment for drunk drivers in Spain is a prison: behind bars riders tipsy will spend at least three months.

Going by car to another country, or making a car, it should be remembered that ignorance of the local rules of the road and the citizenship of another country from the penalty of sin does not save.

Receipts of fines for violation of traffic rules in Europe tend to find their unlucky owners not only on the territory of the state in which they were written, but in the home countries of offenders, and in the case of non-payment the driver can file a lawsuit in court and even denied entry to some EU countries.

By the way, we should also consider that the penalties of Italy levied through the courts, many times more initially discharged, therefore, to delay the payment of the receipts, hoping for forgetfulness foreign Themis, not worth it.

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Date of publication: 03.10.2014

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