Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

At the airport of Thailand has its own taxi company


In Thailand's Suvarnabhumi airport organized a private taxi service. In the terminal building there are four new Parking taxis that will carry passengers from Suvarnabhumi.

Now tourists can enjoy not only the services of private traders or to book a taxi from the dispatcher at the 4th floor of the airport terminal, but also to take the car for a specialized taxi stands, located on the first floor of the terminal.

There is also a host of drivers-taxi drivers and passengers. Own fleet will provide passengers Suvarnabhumi not only complete safety, but also the services of a carrier strictly by the meter.

As reported by Ms. Rawiwan, Director of Suvarnabhumi airport, taxi service, located in the premises of the terminal, will be the first car service, functioning under the direct management and control of the airport.

“All our drivers and cars are registered and accounted for, so the problems between taxi drivers and passengers does not occur. In case of difficulties, we can easily establish, with any of the drivers there was an incident, and promptly resolve discrepancies», - said Ms. Rawiwan.

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Date of publication: 22.11.2013

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