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Freedom of choice

In 2015 China will open Confucius Museum


The Chinese authorities reported that until the end of 2015 in Qufu city will open a Museum of Confucius.

Qufu, which will be located in the Museum complex, is a proud native of the great philosopher.

It is reported that the Museum of Confucius is 90000 square meters, which will be posted 7 buildings, its location in the shape of the constellation URSA major (the constellation Beidou). Also in the Museum will include the Confucius temple, family mansion and Confucius forest.

The new Museum will also include exposure generic archives of Confucius and the descendants of the great thinkers that were previously not available to the General public, as well as items and treasures belonging to the noble family of kun Qiu: engravings, portraits, paintings, statues, tableware and household items made of bronze, jade and porcelain, as well as clothing and jewelry.

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Date of publication: 08.12.2014

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