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Top 5 natural attractions in China


And you know what interesting sights there are in China? Naturally, the first to come to mind the most popular tourist spots: Great wall, terracotta army, Forbidden city, Summer Palace and Tiananmen.

But actually in China there are a lot of tourist sites: nature reserves, historical and modern architectural complexes. Especially beautiful natural sights of China – the gardens, lakes and parks, decorated in traditional Chinese style.

Today Service Online Tikets will tell you about five natural tourist attractions of China that are worth a visit. If you are planning travel to China, this small photo review will help make it even brighter and more interesting.

You can also find a list goods, permitted and prohibited to be exported from China, and a list of the most interesting Souvenirs from China.

Natural parks and nature reserves of China, top 5:

1. Jiuzhai valley national Park

Jiuzhai valley national Park, or as it is called, Jiuzhaigou Valley – this is the most famous nature reserve in China's Sichuan province.

Crystal-clear lakes, natural waterfalls, hidden streams of water, as if weightless with silk, picturesque mountains, and emerald groves… In the Park there is a special philosophy of harmony and natural beauty that allows you to experience the amazing peace of unity with the wild nature.

The main attraction of Jiuzhaigou National Park-Turquoise lake with crystal clear water and unusual underwater topography.

The price of entrance tickets to Jiuzhaigou national Park varies with the season: from 10€ in normal times, and up to 26.5€ in high season (from 1 April to 15 November).

2. Cave Reed Flute

This fabulous place is located in the Chinese city of Guilin. Cave Reed Flute is unique, it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Numerous stalactites, stalagmites and limestone formation of different shapes is beautifully decorated spot neon lighting. Multicolored iridescence and sparkle look fantastic! But, in addition, on the cave walls there are well preserved rock inscriptions and drawings, dated 792 BC

The cave was discovered during the reign of the Emperor of the Tang dynasty – more than 12 centuries ago, and visited a tourist attraction it has become in the 40-ies of the last century.

3. Shilin

Whimsical mazes, majestic and eternal beauty of stone peaks, simply shaded emerald canopy of giant trees – it was such a surreal scene to see tourists during a visit to the Stone forest Shilin.

In this forest of stone “trees” fantastic think absolutely everything. A bizarre landscape is striking in its unreality, but here there is unusual harmony and tranquility.

With the emergence of the stone forest is associated with many legends and stories. The most detailed and most famous of them – about a young man named Infernova who wanted to move mountains to block the path of the river and thereby to provide clean water to its people, who suffered from persistent droughts.

The highest cliffs in the Park reach up to 40 meters, and the distance between the stone peaks varies from tens of meters to several centimeters.

For the safety of tourists throughout stone Park located stationary points of contact with the rescue teams.

4. Orchid garden

If you're a fan of beautiful exotic plants, an Orchid Garden in China will conquer you at first sight.

Located near Guangzhou Garden is spread over an area of over 8 hectares, and this entire territory is harmoniously placed beautiful gazebo, fountains, waterfalls, artificial lakes and cliffs, surrounded by thousands of blooming orchids. By the way, this Botanical garden in a special pot grows over 100 different types of orchids in all colors and sizes.

Chinese restaurant, Orchid Garden is in late spring-early summer when most plants blooming.

5. South China Botanical garden

South China Botanical garden – almost 60 thousand square meters of plant abundance. This natural Park you will see a variety of plants growing normally in the tropics and subtropics: a variety of trees, vines, citrus trees, shrubs and hundreds of species of flowers.

The Garden itself is divided into three sectors: nature reserve, exhibition area and sector at the South China Institute of botany, which is already more than half a century, Chinese scientists are engaged in study of tropical and subtropical exotic plants.

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