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Top 5 cities for Hiking


What is Hiking? Many of these words are associated exclusively with sports Hiking: tents, bivouacs in the forest and the conquest of the mountain trails.

But few tourists know that Hiking can be urban, that is a perfectly acceptable and comfortable not only for young people who prefer active sports and a fondness for extreme, but for people of all ages. To see something bright and unusual, not necessarily go conquer the virgin forest or climb the rocky gorges – sometimes you just get from the tourist bus and to turn aside from the usual tour route.

The amazing beauty of the buildings, cozy squares and shrouded in a mysterious medieval atmosphere of the streets can tell and, most importantly, to show you more than most guides.

Hiking a walk through the city streets allows you not only to see all the local sights from a different perspective or find something unusual – you will be able to vividly experience the local flavor and the particular spirit of the time, characteristic of cities with a long history.

Walking tours and leisurely self-guided stroll-it's a great vacation option, because for these walks you do not need to have any sport training and they are suitable for everyone. And yet, you see, to feel the special charm and individuality of the city sometimes can only stay with him one on one.

Do you like to wander the streets of unfamiliar cities, get acquainted with them from the inside? Then specially for you we can offer a ranking of the best cities for Hiking, from Sheknows. Some of the cities on this list are so large and diverse that to explore them even a few tourist trips will not be enough, and that is simply not designed for cars and tour buses, and their narrow winding streets are ready to reveal their secrets only to those who love to walk.

Top 5 cities for walking. Make your holidays brighter!

1. Stone town, Tanzania

Stone town, the capital of Zanzibar, which was built in the early nineteenth century Arab and Indian architects, is today a real city-a labyrinth. The endless narrow streets intertwine, intersect and bend without any order or system, and buildings are scattered completely randomly.

A port city, which at one time was famous throughout the world of rare goods, Oriental spices and the slave markets, today turned into a real Museum under the open sky, which offers a fascinating atmosphere of the East.

The architecture of stone town-the main attraction of the city. While walking around the capital of Zanzibar, you will be able to see many elegant palaces and mosques of the East, which, despite its venerable age, still keeping his Majesty.

White coral walls, carved wooden doors and delicate the gates in a classic Arabic style combined with a surprisingly airy ornate balconies and miniature turrets.

What to see in stone town:

Changu island, Arab Fort, the ruins of Maruhubi, the ceremonial Palace of the Sultan said Barghash, Anglican Cathedral, built on the site of the old slave market, mosque Malindi with a unique conical minaret, the Palace of Beit El Ajaib (residence of Queen Fatuma).

Also be sure to visit the nearby catacombs, which once hid slaves.

2. Austin, TX

Imagine a real American town. Now imagine the same city, but completely dedicated to music. Presented? Then you know what it looks like Austin, the administrative capital of the state of Texas!

Music is everywhere. She meets you at the airport, in the form of a large monument to the guitar, and accompany you absolutely everywhere here. On every street there are many cafes and bars with live music. You will see groups working in a variety of styles, which play their hits right in parks, squares, streets and boulevards.

In Austin, many unusual architectural structures, monuments and creative decorated with lights, benches and fences. And yet it's full of squirrels and birds, and both the first and second gladly beg for treats from passers-by, visitors to cafes and leisure parks.

What to see in Austin:

Mansion the Governor's residence, Capitol building, moonlight towers, bridge, penny Baker bridge, art gallery of Archer Huntington and, of course, local museums.

3. Sydney, Australia

Sydney – this is probably the most Maritime city in the world. The shining azure sea waves and creamy sand beaches are one of its kind name is to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and go conquer the waves with a surf or to relax on the coast.

The city charms an amazing combination of serene beaches, old streets, such as in the rocks area, and modern architecture. You can walk from Sydney to the Blue Mountains, where you will find a very different world. Why not explore the local caves of Sandstone along with guides of the natives?

What to see in Sydney:

The famous Opera house, Sydney tower, harbour Bridge, Aquarium in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, the Victorian neighborhoods of Paddington and Balmain, Royal Botanic gardens.

4. Seattle, USA

Located on the seven hills of Seattle is not only famous for the tower, the space needle and the fact that it is the hometown of bill gates.

Seattle is famous for its coffee shops, and many consider it the true birthplace of American culture of coffee consumption. In addition, many modern American chain of coffee shops (and Starbucks in particular) had their origin in this city.

Did you know that Seattle is a statue of Lenin, the largest in the United States? Visiting the Fremont area, you will be able to see a giant 5-meter monument to Vladimir Ilyich, when transplanted at the time of Czechoslovakia activists.

By the way, in this city there is another non-standard monument. If you go to the bridge to the memory of George Washington, then under it you will see the monument to the Troll. Primorski one-eyed Troll who is holding a real Volkswagen beetle was “settled” here, in accordance with the Scandinavian epos it is believed that the Troll under the bridge is guarded from the troubles of the countryside.

What to see in Seattle:

Lake Washington, Capitol hill, u-district, city aquarium, a tower, Space needle, zoo, woodland Park, the Seattle waterfront, ferry complex and the museums of the city.

5. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, one of the oldest cities in Ireland, famous for its wonderful culture and rich history filled with landmark events. Here you will find stately architecture, many attractions and monuments, and even the changeable weather and is just great pubs.

In General, the Dublin you can call the provincial capital of – a rough, rollicking atmosphere in this picturesque town, remains largely unchanged, probably throughout the history of Ireland.

What to see in Dublin:

Dublin castle, Trinity College, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin the needle, the prison Museum, Kelemahan, the mill Museum, the Botanical gardens of Dublin, Phoenix Park, Newbridge house,’Connel Street.

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