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Top 10 colored beaches


We have previously written about the different beaches around the world – popular little-known Paradise of beautiful and fascinating threat, youth beaches and seaside resorts for kids.

Continuing the series of articles about interesting and unusual coasts of the world service Online Tikets offers you to get acquainted with another selection of amazing beaches – rainbow beaches, incredible color of coastal sand.

So if you have already become bored of the pastel shades of the ordinary beaches and kids want to build a truly magical sand castle, choose one of these amazing coasts and embark on new experiences!

Why the sand on the beach is coloured? The color of the sand is affected by the composition of the material from which they formed.

Usually this is quartz sand which is very light – cream and beige, Golden or yellow, and the purer the source, the mineral, the lighter the sand of the beach.

But sometimes ordinary quartz sand on the coast is mixed with grains of other minerals that differ in color from the usual shade, or particles of algae, and the resulting sand mass looks bright and unusual.

It so happens that the entire sandy beach is not composed of common light quartz, and other materials such as particles of solidified volcanic lava, or even of precious stones – Sands of the beaches of GUAM and Hawaii Papakolea chrysotile consist of tiny particles, which gives the coasts of an amazing emerald hue.

So let's see what rainbow beaches in the world?

1. White beach

If you are looking for is not just white, and the most that neither is a white sandy beach, go to Australia. In the state of New South Wales, in the district of Shoalhaven, near Sydney, there is the coastline with so thin and white sand, this beach was voted the whitest in the world and even had the honor to get into the Guinness Book of records.

The white color of the sand of the Australian beach Has beach due to the fact that it consists of 99% pure quartz with no impurities. Because of this perfect part of the beach has also one thermal feature – even in the hot day, the sand remains cool, regardless of how much time he will spend under the scorching sun.

White beaches in Tenerife, and the coasts of Florida.

2. Red beach

If the soul asks for more colors, you can go for a vacation to China – on the beach, Panjin. It can be called the red beach in the world – the sand on the beach is mixed with small particles of red algae, which creates the impression that the whole beach is covered in a velvety red blanket.

There is still red sand in the Bay of Hana (East Maui, Hawaii) and on the beach Kaihalulu. Here such an unusual color appeared due to the high iron content in the slopes of the nearby extinct volcano. But the red beaches on the shores of Santorini consists of two-tone small pebbles-red and black run-sea stones of volcanic origin look very unusual and bright.

3. Orange beach

Yes, in the world there is a beach in a cheerful orange color! It is located on the island of Malta, the Ramla Bay of Gozo island. His unusual color beach received through the local limestone and volcanic rocks.

4. Green beach

Precious sand is not only the gold, and to verify this you can go to relax on the amazing chrysotile beaches of Hawaii, KAU district of the Big Island. The sand is composed almost entirely of small grains of olivine, which is why he has such an unusual emerald hue.

5. Pink beach

This amazing pink sand beach will appreciate not only fans of glamour, but also ordinary tourists, because it is not located anywhere but in the Bahamas! The small delicate tints of the sand, painted in bright pink tones make the coast on harbour island in a truly Paradise. By the way, its color this beach bound is located at the island's coral reefs and live in them in red algae.

The pink Sands are on the beaches of Costa Rica, Barbados, Bermuda and the Philippines.

6. Purple beach

Fantastic transitions lilac and purple tones on Pfeiffer beach, California, and the Northern part of long island can seem like a surreal painting, not a reality – so unusual they look. But the nature of this non-standard colors is also explained quite simply: around the beach, the hills, the soil of which is very high content of manganese ores.

Water leaches manganese, and fancy he paints the sand, the colors, shades and saturation are constantly changing depending on the force of the waves, water temperature and many other factors. You will never see here the same picture twice – water flows continuously change the appearance of these beaches – lilac, purple, pink, Burgundy and dusky ochre shades every day move, as if alive.

7. Brown beach

You ever seen a beach that looks like a big candy bar? Then feel free to go in Pacific beach Rockaway beach-the sand here is composed of green shale and grey-blue limestones, which mix to give a warm chocolate tone.

8. Grey beach

The beaches are composed of dark gray sand, you can find in Bali – tiny grains of volcanic lava is so much mixed with ordinary quartz sand, the total mass has become quite a smooth rich gray tone. The popular resorts of Candidasa and Ketewel, and the coast of Northern Goa, by the way, are these sandy beaches.

9. Black beach

The famous Hawaiian black Punaluu beach, known for two peculiarities-first, of course, his extravagant color, and the second – a rare green turtles, which inhabit near this coast.

10. Colorful beach

But in addition to a plain sandy beaches in the world, there is a rather unusual colorful beach – in Australia, the Fraser island coastline shimmers like a rainbow. Rainbow sand looks so unusual that many tourists include Rainbow beach in her obligatory tourist programme.

By the way, the reason for the appearance of colored sand in this case due to the elementary – it consists of particles of various minerals-zircon, ilmenite and rutile. In addition, around the line of the beach there is also a very remarkable dunes of the same types of sand. They reach a height of 250 meters and shimmer in the sun more than 70 colors and shades.

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