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Top 10 European destinations


If you decide to buy a tour to Europe to visit a resort or tourist town, which has already been informed, you won't be disappointed, because every year here there is something new.

Building modern hotels, amusement parks, clubs and restaurants are museums and galleries, rekonstruiruet historical architectural buildings and new resorts, so every trip to Europe will be more vivid and interesting than the previous one.

According to the tourist Top 10 by the travel portals and based on the wishes and preferences of travelers, Riga is ranked first among European cities. The top ten European travel destinations included the UK, Austria, Greece, and other equally popular among travelers.

TOP 10 European cities:

1. Riga, Latvia

Riga – this is not only the main tourist centre in Latvia and the largest city of the Baltic States. Tourists love Riga the majestic architecture of the Old town, entertainment venues and the famous sandy beaches of Jurmala. In addition, in summer there are many festivals, including KVN, New Wave and others.

2. Bergen, Norway

The Norwegian city of Bergen is known worldwide as the gateway to the fjords. The famous Bryggen-the Hanseatic Wharf of Bergen, a UNESCO world heritage site.

3. Innsbruck, Austria

When soul asks of the exquisite beauty of an old European city, and the body wants the maximum modern comfort, tours in Innsbruck will be just the perfect solution.

Austrian Innsbruck – it is, in fact, a Museum town with excellent infrastructure. Located in the heart of the Eastern Alps, Innsbruck is surrounded by spectacular mountain landscapes. In addition, it is simply excellent conditions for active leisure variety: ski slopes, skating rinks, stadiums and ski jumps of the highest class will satisfy even the most demanding tourists.

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia – this is one of the favorite places for travelers who love historical tourism. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the super popular international resort on the Adriatic sea.

5. Chester, England

A small but very beautiful town in the North-West of England. Popular attractions in Chester: Istrategie clock, town hall, Cathedral, city wall, Chester castle, Grosvenor Museum, Chester Racecourse, Park Edgar's Field, Grosvenor Park, the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre.

6. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague – this is the city to move around which you need solely walk as to consider the local sights better during walks. All who have visited Prague, try to get here again, because in this amazing city you fall in love at first sight and for life!

7. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is full of monuments. Many historical, art and ethnographic museums, exhibition halls and art galleries – all this will not leave indifferent any tourist.

But many travelers go to the capital of Hungary, not only for aesthetic pleasure. Budapest – it is the only city in the world, whose territory has about 120 thermal springs, therefore most of the tourists come here for healing and rejuvenating procedures.

8. Santorini, Greece

Island of Santorini – is a picturesque resort which has earned the title of the most romantic Islands in the world. Here you can see a large number of attractions and enjoy the friendly relaxed atmosphere. Santorini can be called a tourist Paradise of Greece

9. Venice, Italy

The city is built on 122 Islands connected by 400 bridges. What else can you say about Venice? Picturesque canals instead of streets, picturesque handsome gondoliers and wonderful old buildings – that sees every visitor of this fascinating city on the water. Laguna and the old part of Venice is included in the world heritage List of UNESCO.

10. Bruges, Belgium

Toy town toy Kingdom – so you can describe tourist Bruges. Here you will find the best traditions of old Europe and more than 2000 minutes. Beautiful buildings, a small tidy streets, the world famous canals and ports create a magical atmosphere, which is remembered for a lifetime. If you are looking for a wedding tour or want to go to a romantic tour of Europe, Bruges will be just a wonderful choice for you.

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