Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Thematic beaches of Croatia


The beaches of Croatia will change the format: in the next two years on Croatian coasts will be equipped with themed beaches for vacationers of different age groups and with different interests.

According to the Ministry of tourism of Croatia, the creation of specialized beaches make sea travel much more comfortable and pleasant for both local tourists and foreign tourists.

In addition, the new method of classification of the beaches, experts say, will help to significantly improve the beaches of Croatia and to bring them into line with international standards, and to more evenly distribute vacationers at the various beach areas of the coast.

It is assumed that preparation of thematic beaches in Croatia will start in the first place in some coastal areas and on wild beaches, located outside of city points and tourist resorts. The second phase will relate to the municipal and hotel beaches.

According to Darko Lorencin, the Minister of tourism of Croatia, the program of modernization of the coastal zone will allow tourists to choose places to stay where they will feel most comfortable. According to the official information of the Ministry of tourism of Croatia has planned to create 14 categories of beach areas:

  1. extreme beaches
  2. beaches for divers
  3. beaches for sport and leisure
  4. beaches for surfers
  5. beaches for young people
  6. beaches for families with children
  7. city beaches
  8. ecoplaza
  9. romantic beaches
  10. beaches for parties
  11. nudist beaches
  12. beaches for dogs
  13. beaches for cultural events
  14. hotel beach

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Date of publication: 12.02.2015

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