Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Tax free for tourists in Colombia


More good news for tourists who love a good shopping spree – in Colombia introduced the tax free system.

Now VAT for the purchased in Colombia Souvenirs, jewelry, shoes, clothing, articles of leather and some other products will be returned to the tourists when leaving the country.

Also the VAT refund will be made for some services provided to foreign citizens – a list of these services is now under negotiation.

How does the tax free system?

To obtain a refund of VAT system tax free, foreign tourists in Colombia will need to keep receipts past while traveling around the country buying goods or services.

Collected receipts are presented prior to departure from Colombia in the offices of the tax Department DIAN; also, the tourist will need to fill out a special form.

After performing these two representatives of the DIAN will recalculate and return to a foreign citizen a sum equal to the rate of VAT on purchased Columbia products.

Tax free for tourists in Colombia, as reported in the Ministry of trade of the country, will be implemented in 2015.

It is expected that this innovation will make your stay in Colombia on the order more attractive and more profitable for travellers, so that the number of travelers visiting this country will increase significantly.


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Date of publication: 07.10.2014

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