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Old Cesky Krumlov


Cesky Krumlov is one of the most amazing cities in Europe, listed as a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO. The calling card of this city — the legendary Cesky Krumlov castle built in the XIII century.

The castle in Czech Krumlov is a very beautiful castle complex located on a mountain slope.

It is widely known outside the Czech Republic thanks to its unique architecture and picturesque appearance.

From the height of the walls and towers of Krumlov castle, built in Italian Renaissance style, offers a beautiful panoramic view of the historic centre of the city, is picturesquely divided into two parts by the meanders of the Vltava river.

Among the tourists town of Cesky Krumlov today, probably the most popular tourist sites in the Czech Republic after Prague, which is necessarily included in every guide to the sights of this amazing country. There are constantly held a historical theatrical performances, the reenactment festivals, exhibitions and fairs.

The sights of Cesky Krumlov

List of attractions in Cesky Krumlov, especially given the small size of the city itself, is quite large. The historic city centre itself is a unique attraction that exemplifies the characteristics of the medieval architecture of its well-preserved old buildings, fastening structures, churches and other interesting and picturesque architectural complexes. While walking through the streets of this small but very picturesque town, you can see what was the old Czech Republic in the past centuries.

Also Cesky Krumlov castle, which, incidentally, takes the second place among the largest palaces and castles of the Czech Republic, always attractive to travelers from around the world. An extraordinary combination of the architecture styles Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, ornate interior of the castle, a large landscaped Park with sculptures and, of course, a lot of Museum exhibitions in make the český Krumlov castle is one of the most popular attractions in the country.

Special attention is given to the castle road, which runs through the stone bridge decorated with statues of St. Joseph and the virgin Mary. During the period of its existence the castle was rebuilt many times, and as a result of these updates, he acquired some of the features of the Renaissance and Baroque.

The North side of the castle is a strict rectangular building, located in the southern part of the building of the stables in the style of the Renaissance, the salt warehouses and the stone fountain built in the middle of the XV century.

From the castle tower offers a beautiful view of a large part of the castle complex and the town itself, so during the tours, tourists always make a lot of photos here. In the Eastern and Northern parts of the castle complex is situated a large courtyard of the Lower castle and the count's chamber. In the South wing, visitors can see the mint, and the West — high Gothic tower. The facades of the castle is decorated with sgraffito-style of the Renaissance and frescoes in the Baroque style.

Map of Krumlov castle.

The best Cesky Krumlov sights:

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