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Medieval sights of Prague


Prague is the medieval town of Europe, the most extant. The entire Old town of the Czech capital listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

From the first moment of your stay in this ancient town, you will plunge into real magic. Tiny alleyways and majestic Gothic cathedrals, the surreal medieval architecture and modern metro network, outrageous museums and trendy boutiques — Prague fascinates with its multifaceted uniqueness.

But today we are going to talk about modern and medieval Prague — an ancient, mysterious, filled with secrets and legends of the past centuries.

See the medieval sights of Prague — it's like stepping into the fairy tale, so you can learn about this ancient town, which is a real tourist pearl of Europe!

The main sights of Prague:

1. Prague castle

If you want to see the best treasures of Old Prague, be sure to put the Prague castle on the first place in your list of must-see attractions.

Erected in the IX century, Prague Castle is officially the largest castle in the world. For free visit is open only a small part of this amazing fortress as an architectural complex used by the departments of the presidential Administration, but also the fact that open to explore, more than enough to turn the head of even the most demanding travelers.

Perhaps if the castle was open to tourists as a whole, everyone who it included, was supposed to be a special map to avoid getting lost in the maze of this castle complex.

Now available to a wide audience: the Royal garden, Ledeburite and Small Rafiki gardens, the Summer Palace of Queen Anne, a Hall for Ball games, St. Vitus Cathedral, the deer moat, and some other parts of the fortress.

2. Charles bridge

Charles bridge connects Old town to Prague castle, more than one hundred years — it was completed in 1380.

In our days on the Charles bridge life just boils. Here every day hundreds of tourists and residents, right on the bridge are small kiosks and trays with all sorts of Souvenirs and treats, here come the artists and photographers.

In recent years the Charles bridge is illuminated by these gas lamps, and on Christmas eve every night of them, as of old, lights manually the lamplighter.

Historic Prague bridge is decorated with many stone statues and reliefs, it offers a magnificent view of the castle and surrounding city.

3. Old town square

Old town square is just amazing. It takes about 15000 square meters, and around it are probably some of the most famous monuments of Prague: Tyn Cathedral, Church of St Nicholas, Jan HUS Monument and the old town hall clock.

Almost each traveler who visited in Prague, be sure to have a photo on old town square, made to commemorate the visit of this magnificent ancient city.

4. Prague astronomical clock

The famous astronomical clock, Prague astronomical clock, located at the town hall — the main attraction of Prague is known worldwide.

The world's first astronomical clock, and they are the most visited tourist attraction in Prague. Every hour for the past six centuries shows most grateful to the public a small theatrical performance with moving mechanical dolls.

In addition to the original combat and, in fact, the exact time of the astronomical clock shows the current position of the zodiac signs, year, month and day, and the time of sunrise and sunset of the moon and Sun. In the centre of the dial are located the Earth around which the Sun rotates.

Millions of tourists which annually hosts the Czech Republic, eager to see these famous chimes, and watch them fight.

The address where the town hall is located: Staroměstské náměstí 1/3, Praha 1-Staré Město 110 00

5. Strahov monastery

Strahov monastery, founded in 1140, is one of the world's oldest monasteries of the Premonstratensian.

The history of this architectural complex in Baroque style, located in a strategic point in the defence of Prague castle, full with events of great importance for the Czech Republic. He was captured by enemy troops, destroyed, burned and rebuilt again — the monastery took part in virtually every historical event in Prague.

Now it houses a unique library, which has books older than 1000 years. Also on the territory of the contemporary monastery complex has a Museum of miniatures, Museum of literature, art gallery Strahov, a private brewery with a beer garden, hotel Questenberk Prague castle and the garden.

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