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Ski resorts of Turkey: an unknown exotic


The majority of tourists Turkey is associated exclusively with the summer holidays – sea, Golden beaches and the mysterious culture of the East.

And only a few know about another winter of Turkey, for the crisp frosty air, sparkling in the sun snow and exciting ski slopes.

All what Ukrainian tourists usually go to European resorts, is actually very close – in the ski resorts of Turkey.

Ski Turkey — an unforgettable vacation for the whole family

If you are looking for a good ski center for the family vacation, Turkish resorts will make your vacation fabulous. Qualitative and safe even for beginners trails, beautiful slopes and great service nice to combine with a very affordable price. A large part of the pistes is situated on the wooded slopes with fairly large elevation changes – not from 2200 to 3100 meters, so you can easily choose the optimal complexity and length of the descent. The Turkish ski slopes easy, so they will be a great choice if you want to put on the skis of the child. Since almost all Russian-speaking instructors, you'll be able to quickly improve their skiing skills, and after a few days will enjoy a free slide on the track.

Affordable vacation trips to ski resorts

For holidaymakers on the Turkish ski resorts provides a full range of services: hire of equipment and equipment, hot springs, pools, baths and saunas, fitness clubs and discos.

Because ski resorts Turkey – it is a relatively new tourism destination, increasing every year the number of tourist complexes, working in this area, improving trails, construction of new hotel complexes. Continuous modernization and development of this area makes the ski holiday in Turkey is not only affordable, but also quite European quality.

Another good news for fans of summer vacation in Turkey-this Turkish ski resorts waiting for you already familiar and easy to use system & laquo;all inclusive” in: accommodation, meals, drinks and a pass to use the lifts usually are included in the package. As for the ski season, almost all the Turkish resorts is December-March.

Ski resorts in Turkey: 6 resorts that are worth a visit


Kartalkaya – this is a relatively new, rapidly developing ski resort that can confidently be called one of the most popular in Turkey. Ski resort Kartalkaya is located 4 hours drive from Ankara airport and 6 hours from Istanbul airport. The closest to the ski center city – Bolu.

The special feature of Kartalkaya is that the hotels are located directly on the hillside, so to get the alignment very easy and for this you don't have to use lifts. Also in the ski complex has all necessary conditions for comfortable biathlon and slalom.

Location: 250 km from Istanbul, 50 km South-East of Bolu.

Tracks: Number of tracks: 10. Maximum altitude: 2500 m Total length: 8 km Number of lifts: 11 PCs

Season: in mid-December - April.


Uludag national Park – this is a very well-groomed wide slopes, vast pine forests and amazing scenery to be enjoyed forever. Most trails are pretty simple, really challenging tracks a bit, so the Turkish ski center Uludag suitable for both beginners and more experienced skiers. There are cross-country trail (20 km).

Location: 36 km from Bursa.

Tracks: Number of tracks: 25. Height: 1750-2600 M. Total length: 16 km longest run: 3 km Number of lifts: 22 PCs.

Season: in the December - April.


Palandoken will be a great place for extreme relaxation – most of the tracks are quite complex, they are able at a glance to fall in love with those who simply can not live without the adrenaline. If you are a beginner in the ski, but enjoy outdoor activities and are confident in their abilities, simplified slopes of Palandoken will give you an unforgettable descents on scenic mountain slopes. For fans of extreme sports in the centre there are areas off-piste skiing.

The pride of this Turkish resort-is a ski slope with a length of 14 kilometers. Snow on mount Palandoken is always from mid-December to mid-April, but the best time for skiing many vacationers confidently referred to the period from January to March.

Location: 5 km from Erzurum, 15 km from Erzurum airport.

Tracks: Number of tracks: 23. Height: 2200-3125 m Total length: 30 km longest run: 14 km Number of lifts: 10 pieces

Season: in mid-December to mid - April.


For those who prefer a relaxing family vacation, Sarikamis ski centre will create all conditions for comfortable family holidays. The slopes are quite gentle, which makes them the best place for skiing with children and beginners skiers. In this Turkish resort has two cross-country ski trails (length 5 km and 10 km). The center is located in the Eastern part of Turkey; it is surrounded by mountain ranges and nature reserve, with a luxurious pine forest. Runs are groomed, smooth and pass through picturesque places, so stay in Sarikamis will be for you unforgettable.

Location: 45 km from Erzurum, 50 km from Kars airport.

Tracks: Number of tracks: 9. Height: 2200 - 2650 m. the Total length: 25 km longest run: 6 km Number of lifts: 3 PCs.

Season: in mid-December to mid - March.


Due to its proximity to the Mediterranean sea Turkish ski resort of Saklikent, which is located in the mountains of Merkezi Beydaglari, surprise unexpected weather conditions – during the day they can change dramatically, within hours turning from the frosty cold of winter to almost summer heat. But, however, unusual climatic conditions will not prevent visitors to enjoy all the benefits of a modern ski center.

Location: 50 km from Antalya.

Tracks: Number of tracks: 2. Height: 2000-2400 m. the elevation Difference is 240 and 50 m. Number of lifts: 2 PCs (840 and 740 m, the capacity of the 340 and 240 people/hour).

Season: January - April.

Erciyes (Erciyes)

Ski resort Erciyes is located 25 kilometers South of Kayseri, on the volcanic mountains Erciyes. Since one of the mountain peaks – it is an extinct volcano covered with year-round cap of snow, the ski season at this resort is quite long-from November to April.

In this complex you will be able to relax at any time of the year: classic ski slopes will provide winter outdoor recreation, and a well-equipped base for mountaineering, trekking and roller skis will allow a bright and interesting way to spend the summer vacation.

Location:, 25 km from Kayseri.

Tracks: Number of tracks: 12. Height: 2200-3100 m. Total length: 160 km Number of lifts: 4. Longest run: 45 km.

Season: November - April.

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