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Swiss idyll: from Lucerne to Jura


For many centuries the romantic landscape, so beloved by tourists – Lucerne and lake Lucerne or lake Lucerne.

By the old wooden bridge Kapellbrucke at the time, walked Richard Wagner, Marc Chagall, Sergei Prokofiev.

Lucerne was for the admirers of classic Russian literature, a kind of symbol for the whole of Switzerland through the story of Leo Tolstoy "From the notes of Prince Nekhludoff".


A small, but very picturesque historic city centre is very pleasant to walk on foot, looking at the frescoes of ancient buildings and the paintings of Kaspar Meglinger adorning the rafters of the roof of the Mill bridge, wander through the cobbled squares of the Kornmarkt, Weinmarkt, and Hirschenplatz Muhlenplatz, which are located between all the main attractions.

Everyone who sees the monument to the “lion”, created by Danish sculptor Thorvaldsen, can not remain indifferent to this wonderful monument. Pierced by the sword of a dying lion, which was erected here in honor of those killed during the storming of the Tuileries Palace, the Swiss guard soldiers who laid down their lives defending the life of the French king, can move to tears even the toughest of men. As described this monument to mark TWAIN is "the saddest and most moving stone statue in the world".

Lucerne-this city of romance. If you are after contemplation of white swans and walks in the flowered bridge Kapellbrucke still lacking romance, go on a little trip on the historic paddlewheel steamer. This boat at each stop sends a real steamship whistle, saying goodbye to the passengers.

On this historic ship while enjoying the views overlooking lake of the Alps, you will be able to reach the Swiss transport Museum. Here in the vast territory collected a large collection of locomotives, automobiles, ships and airplanes. Every visitor of the Museum can experience the thrill of a pilot of a real aircraft (it is equipped with a special room for flight simulation), and even participate in a crash test car. Through a variety of interactive games, the Museum will appeal not only adults but also children of all ages. For kids there is its own entertainment program – here they can splash around in trains, cars and planes.

Ticket price: CHF 15 for kids and for adults CHF 30.

From Lucerne, you can easily and quickly get to the tops of the mountains surrounding the town. For example, to the top of mount Rigi, which offers an indescribable view of the snowy Alps, the blue lake and Lucerne. By the way, here was built the first Swiss funicular.

Also very popular is the ascent to mount Pilatus, where according to legend Pontius Pilate was buried. To the top height of 2132 meters you can climb on the steepest railway or cable car.

Because Lucerne love to relax magnates and movie stars, on the shores of lake Lucerne located luxury hotels, even of the bathrooms offer beautiful views of the mountains and water.

For example, among the beau monde of high reputation have earned the Seehotel Hermitage Luzern that can offer beautiful and comfortable rooms, but also a very long open to the Swiss SPA – guests can use the Spa treatment to ten o'clock. The cost of a room in Seehotel Hermitage Luzern – from 342,9 CHF per day.

C economy hotels in Lucerne is somewhat more complicated. Cheap hotels with good location a little, just about a dozen, and place in them is to book in advance.

For example, Hotel Ibis Budget Luzern City, do not expect room service or something special, but guests of this complex is guaranteed a good location, 15 minutes from the train station and the historic centre of the city. The double room with the standard terms and conditions 106 CHF per day.


Another interesting city-neuchâtel on the shores of the largest lake in Switzerland. The historical part of the city of neuchâtel was built in the XVI century, and to this day, there carefully preserved unique medieval building of yellow limestone.

Neuchâtel castle – is the symbol of the city. The West wing of the castle was built in the XII century, and the remaining part of the structure built in the XV-XVII centuries.

Neuchatel is also famous for its fountains, but the fountains here deserve the Lion, the Griffin and Banneret. If you want to admire the best panorama of the city, go to the observation deck at the ramparts.

Canton of Jura

Another place which should definitely include in your travel list if you're travelling to Switzerland-Canton Jura.

In the North-West of the country, where the rocks of the Jura still well preserved footprints of dinosaurs, which about 152 million years, to 2018, will be built a large tourist Park and paleontological Museum. But already in the Canton there are many interesting things, which you can see.

First, here is the famous Swiss army knife Wenger. Tourists are offered totally free to take a tour of the factory that produces these multi-functional knives that often become collectible.

But, in addition, Jura – it is the birthplace of Tête de Moine – one of the most famous Swiss cheeses. During a tour of the cheese factory Belle (Bellelay) you will be able to learn about how in the XII century monks invented the recipe for this unusual cheese of cylindrical shape. In addition, during the tour you will learn to properly serve it to the table – this cheese features the original cuts, which make using a special knife girol. Every visitor dairies will be able to make a cheese rosette, and, even nicer, happy to eat it.

Guided tour: CHF 5.

In the Jura region are very fond of horses, so here, a well-developed equestrian tourism. Almost every household keeps horses and can offer them to tourists for rent. The cost of the hire of the horse will cost you CHF 25. If you love horses, but I think that horse riding – it's not for you to enjoy the beauty of the region are eating fondue in good company, sitting in a horse-drawn wagon. This adventure is CHF 35 per hour.

To try the original Swiss schnapps and taste the chanterelles with sour cream and green onions in a warm atmosphere, is to go to a restaurant, Le Vieux Mouli. This place is situated in forest in a very picturesque place on the banks of the river Doubs (Doubs), which is actually the border between Switzerland and France. By the way, from the restaurant you can even see the French trees.

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