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Shopping in Asia: the 5 best cities


In Asia, there are a lot of great boutiques, shopping centres and stores of different directions.

Stores Asia well known fact that any buyer with any preferences and wishes will be able to find in them any item of your liking. Here you can buy everything from household items to traditional products to the exotic and luxury goods.

If you plan to travel to Asia, and you have a certain amount of money that you are willing to spend on buying Souvenirs, be sure to read this list of 5 Asian cities, where you will find a good shopping!

1. Tokyo, Japan

If you are looking for the best shopping in Japan, you will consider in your tour program more time to visit Tokyo.

In Tokyo do a lot of different shopping areas, which, in turn, is a very large number of various boutiques and shops. Here you can purchase various things from well-known international luxury brands and original products that are produced and sold only on the territory of this country.

Shopping districts of Tokyo:

What to buy in Tokyo:

2. Kong, China

is Another country in which you will find very interesting shopping — China. In one of the largest cities of China, in Hong Kong, you can buy almost everything — from clothing, equipment and unusual accessories to make edible products and ingredients to prepare different dishes. The prices are very affordable, and the range is through the roof, so no full bags of shopping to leave is simply impossible!

to Find out what Souvenirs to bring from China, here.

Shopping districts of Hong Kong:

What to buy in Hong Kong:

3. Bangkok, Thailand

You like thrilling noisy Eastern markets and never freezes the movement of busy shopping centres? Then be sure to go shopping in Bangkok!

Shopping in Bangkok is a very interesting and attractive, moreover, the range of products is simply mesmerizing for its abundance and diversity — and authentic Thai goods and products of brands there is always presented in a very wide range.

Shopping districts of Bangkok:

What to buy in Bangkok:

4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Next stop for fans of the commentary, you can safely choose Malaysia, namely its capital-Kuala Lumpur!

In the Golden triangle, the largest shopping area of the city, tourists will find a real Paradise for shopaholics. About 40 shopping malls, thousands of shops, boutiques and colorful shops in all price categories you offer your visitors hundreds of types of each product. In addition, it is worth remembering that in Malaysia bulk sale of virtually all retail outlets are conducted at the national level three times a year: in December, in may and in March.

Shopping districts of Kuala Lumpur:

What to buy in Kuala Lumpur:

5. Delhi, India

Shopping in Delhi — this is a real test of strength, even for self-confident best! Insanely noisy, colorful Indian bazaars and modern shopping malls European-style, elegant fashion boutiques and small shops that sell everything he can, to imagine the imagination of the tourist, and even a little more.

Usual for us, the Mall and shops in Delhi, of course, is much less than the traditional local shops, but their range of fantastic and unique flavor easily compensate for all the inconvenience of impressions.

Shopping new Delhi:

What to buy in Delhi:

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