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The Sphinx in Egypt open to tourists


Great news for those who are planning soon to go on vacation to Egypt the Sphinx was made available for tourists from November 9 2014!

One of the most popular attractions, the Egyptian Sphinx in Giza, was temporarily closed to tourists due to reconstruction works, which are conducted approximately every 10 years.

the Please note in 2015, will be restoration of the pyramid of Cheops, so it will be temporarily closed to the public.

Restoration work this year lasted about four months, and now tourists get the opportunity to go to a huge sculpture almost – for the first time for all history of its existence. Prior to that, the tourists who come for tours to the Sphinx, could consider this attraction only from a large distance.

Restoration of the great Sphinx includes the cleaning of the surface of the giant sculptures from deposits of salt, which destroys the surface of the limestone, and sand, gradually falling asleep is an ancient structure. In addition, the corrosion destroyed the monumental statues plots were treated with a special regenerating solution on the basis of quicklime, which over time turns into solid calcium carbonate.

It is known that the Egyptian Sphinx several times in its history, was almost completely buried under a layer of desert sand. Attempts to excavate it were made more than once in the days of the pharaohs – then a majestic sentinel of the desert was so much hidden under the sand drifts that people were able to clear only the chest and the front paws of a mythical beast. Completely free of sand sculpture for the first time appeared only in 1925 – until that time, she was always half a state.

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Date of publication: 11.11.2014

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