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Freedom of choice

The best Spa centers in the East


Spa treatments – it's not just rest and recreation, in them is hidden a special philosophy of relaxation and harmony with yourself.


That is why specialised Spa centres are located most often on the territories of hotels and resorts to during the holidays nothing disturb your tranquility.


Karma Kandara, Bali

In traditional Eastern culture occupy an important place of the doctrine of continuous comprehensive energy exchange between man and the surrounding world, and Indonesia in this matter is no exception. In the local Spa centers actively apply practices aimed at achieving physical and spiritual harmony.

Hotel Karma Jimbaran is located in Jimbaran Bay, just 5 km from the international airport Ngurah Rai. Visitors of this hotel complex features luxurious villas are furnished with classic colonial teak furniture, beautiful tropical gardens and a saltwater pool.

Spa hotel Karma Jimbaran offers only spa chakra, based on the teachings of bioenergy centers humans. The Spa centre offers traditional Balinese massage, which works on the seven chakras, which helps to achieve harmony of body and spirit, gives energy and improves health.

Guests of the complex can invite Spa specialists to his Villa, or use one of the programs of relaxation, which includes a 30 minute infrared sauna with the use of coconut milk, and 90 minute relaxing full body massage with sea salt scrub and aromatic oils.

In the recreation program here is also included the lunch from the chef, made from natural organic farm products, swimming underwater masks, rest on the beach and sailing on the local boats-kayaks.

Cost: about €135

Oberoi Spa, India

Majestic Himalayas, at a height of 2.5 thousand meters above sea level is a complex Wildflower Hall, surrounded by a pristine pine and cedar forests, where the air itself has a strong healing effect. Stunning views of snow-capped mountains creates a feeling of peace, having to meditation and yoga. He hotel complex is executed in colonial style.

At the Oberoi hotel Spa Eastern and Ayurvedic practices connected with Western Wellness traditions. Here you should definitely go champissage-Indian Ayurvedic head massage, which is sure to be useful for those who suffer from headaches. By the way, this massage affects not only physically, but also cleanses the chakras, as is customary in the Indian tradition.

Cost: $80

Devarana Spa, Maldives

Devarana from Thai-Sanskrit and means "Paradise garden". This concept and adhere in the centre, Devarana Spa, where he created an amazing atmosphere of total relaxation and bliss. It connected traditional Thai therapeutic practices and modern knowledge.

Devarana signature massage – is the Union of five different massage techniques. Spa complex offers health and beauty treatments using various essential oils and cosmetics. For example, the procedure Jasmine Gold Ritual treatment is a combination of scrub gold dust with the petals of Jasmine, followed by delicate massage with Jasmine oil, this treatment has a powerful rejuvenating effect, revitalizes and refreshes the skin, giving it a shining appearance.

In the centre, Devarana Spa has developed its own line of body scrubs that are applied during the massage. All cosmetics are made exclusively from natural ingredients immediately before the procedure.

Cost: approximately €80

Otaki-no-yu, Japan

In the small town of Kusatsu, located on Honshu island, is the Yubatake – one of the three outputs of geothermal waters to the surface, the most well-known in Japan. There are constantly geysers beat multiple sources, and around them are equipped with public baths, private pools and saunas.

Uniqueness of this place in the special properties of the local water, which has high acidity and good antibacterial effect. A visit to these hot springs are shown to all who want to restore the beauty of your skin and relieve stress. In addition to cosmetic and anti-aging action water treatments here treat more serious illnesses, such as neuralgia of varying severity. Hot tub under open sky can be taken both adults and children. To get to the center of Otaki-no-yu, the people lining up an hour before opening.

You can relax in the sauna, take a dip in the waterfall swimming pool under the open sky and plunge into baths with different temperature water. The center also operate a restaurant and a café.

Cost: adult: €6, for children – €3

Oasis Day Spa, Thailand

Thai spas Oasis Day opened in the cities of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket. Here you will find a combination of Thai traditional knowledge of local herbs and advanced massage practices used by different Spa centres, more therapeutic practice, and branded cosmetics from natural ingredients.

The concept of relaxation at the Oasis Day Spa is built on the idea of recreating the heyday of the Kingdom of Lanna, located in the North of modern Thailand, so their situation allows would like to return to the "Golden age" of that state. That's why signature massage, Oasis Day Spa, which is done in four hands, is called Golden Lanna Massage. Massage is the music, specially selected for these procedures. During the massage uses a special scrub of aromatic oils and gold dust, which clears the skin and gives it a healthy radiant look.

Cost: approximately €140

Spa Resort Dingdu, China

In Guangdong province in southern China is a small town Anping, which is the country's only national geothermal reserve. On its territory, which occupies 80 square kilometers, there are four Spa, the most famous of which – Dingdu.

The hotel is built on a picturesque hill, in the vicinity of the exits of the rich variety of minerals geothermal water to the surface. At the foot of the hill, hit more than 30 keys, the water temperature reaches 73º C. In Dingdu features 80 Spa pools of various shapes and sizes.

In addition to medicinal baths with thermal water in Dingdu Spa Resort also offer various types of massage, including one of the most popular procedures – the famous Chinese foot massage. During this type of massage stimulates a large set of active points on the feet that has a positive effect on internal organs and overall health. It is worth noting that massage not only the foot but the entire leg, making this massage has a good preventive effect in diseases of the blood vessels, particularly varicose veins.

Cost: upon request

VedanA spa, Vietnam

Pilgrimage Village – a boutique complex located in the suburbs of hue in a half-hour drive from da Nang international airport. The unusual rural setting with elements of traditional Vietnamese architecture and lush gardens, it combines all the benefits of modern civilization, creating a unique flavor. Spa Vedanā ("feeling" in Sanskrit) is surrounded by many villas and apartments each with private garden and private lake access.

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