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Safari parks South Africa. Photo review


If the traveler who enjoys Safari, ask any Safari Park in Africa is the best, it is, of course, call parks the Masai Mara and the Serengeti. But in fact the African plains can offer travelers many different options for Safari parks, where you will find relaxation and the sea of vivid impressions.

Interesting Safari parks in southern Africa:

1. Hwange, Hwange national Park. Located in North-West Zimbabwe. It is the largest in the country Park in which live large populations of lions, elephants, giraffes, leopards and hyenas.

Due to the particular location of Hwange visitors can watch a free annual migration of elephants in Botswana through the Park.

National Park, Hwange posted an excellent tourist camp The Hide, where guests are offered luxurious accommodation in superior apartment. Every day there are a variety of tours to the habitats of wild animals.

The cost of living in Hwange: the price is available on request and depends on the number of people in the group.

2. Lower Zambezi national Park Lower Zambezi, which is located in the South-East Zambia, offers a new direction of Safari tourism.

Located in the heart of the Lower Zambezi, the Chongwe River House center for dignity to be called one of the best places to explore the life of Savannah. Here you are extraordinary meetings with inhabitants of the protected zone – on the lawn in front of the guest houses often come hippos, and elephants live not far from the place of accommodation of tourists.

But if you want to get a shot of adrenaline, you can go to visit the tiger family-the owners of the Safari Park, often organized similar excursions to the habitats of these large striped cats.

The cost of living in Lower Zambezi: from $700/night for a double room.

3. Mundulea Nature Reserve, Nature reserve, Mundulea, which is located in the North of Namibia, until recently, was only the accumulation of livestock farms, but today there is a real Safari-abundance.

Guests of this natural Park can see numerous species of rare plants that grow freely here in fairly large quantities, and to admire wild animals in their natural habitat.

Among the animals living here there are black rhinos, leopards, antelopes and zebras. The cost of living in Mundulea Nature Reserve: from $1260 (4 day stay at the local camping + Safari).

4. Gorongosa national Park Gorongosa. This African Safari Park is located near the coast of the Indian ocean in Central Mozambique.

Here you will be able to buy the game drives and tours to the habitats of rare animals and insects, including a very beautiful African butterflies.

Price of accommodation in Gorongosa: from $450 (per night camping Explore Gorongosa).

5. Liwonde national Park Liwonde, located in the South-East Malawi, will delight lovers of classic and vintage Safari. In this Park to travel to the habitats of wild animals don't use jeeps in most of the parks Safari in order not to violate the rhythm of life animal loud sounds of equipment and not to scare young individuals.

On the territory of the Liwonde Park guests will be able to see large populations of buffalos, elephants, rhinos and crocodiles in their natural habitat. In addition, this Park has a unique rehabilitation centre for the rhinos, which is also open to the public.

Another feature of the Liwonde – amazingly beautiful riot of verdure during the rainy season (January-March). At this time, the Park is transformed – all filled juicy green shoots, and even here there are small bright blue lake to drink water which comes to many wild animals.

Price of accommodation in Liwonde: $4400 for 9 days stay at a local campsite.

6. Mokolodi (mokolodi nature Reserve). This Safari Park, located in Botswana, is not very well known among tourists, but for those who at least visit the mokolodi nature Reserve forever become a favorite vacation spot.

Visitors to Mokolodi will have an interesting familiarity with the local inhabitants – giraffes, leopards and white rhinos. In this reserve are available a variety of types of safaris, including night. In addition, you can also visit located on its territory a large reptile Park.

The cost of accommodation in Mokolodi more than affordable-the price per night at some local campsites is just $15-16 per person.

7. Hlane Royal national Park, lane. Owned by the last absolute monarch in Africa, king Mswati III, Safari Park Hlane is situated in the North-Eastern part of Swaziland. Here you can see many lions, cheetahs, leopards, zebras, rhinos and hyenas.

Attention! part of the territory of the Park is the personal hunting grounds of the king and closed to the public.

The price of accommodation in Hlane: available upon request. Camping site: Ndlovu Camp, accommodation in a traditional village of wooden houses with open terraces.

8. Reserve Mthethomusha Game is located in the North-Eastern part of South Africa. This Safari Park is one of the best places in the world to observe elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and Buffalo in the most natural habitat.

Also in the reserve in addition to this “big five” tourists can see a large population of zebras and wild dogs. Regularly night Safari. In Mthethomusha Game every night trip to the habitats of local animals is accompanied by sumptuous feasts, where visitors can try traditional local dishes, including steak ostrich.

Accommodation in Mthethomusha Game: hotel Bongani Mountain Lodge 29 rooms from $136 per night for a double room.

9. Reserve Thanda Private Game, South Africa. Here during the Safari you will be able to see in their natural habitat of elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes, warthogs, wild dogs, common and black rhinos.

In addition, you will be acquainted with the amazing culture of the historic population of these places – Zulu. During the ethnic tour you will be able to enjoy the Zulu cuisine and local beer.

Accommodation at Thanda Private Game: hotel Thanda, from $1,300 for a five-day stay.

10. Aquila Private Game Reserve Reserve Akala. Safari Park is located in the North-East of Cape town. Fauna Aquila Private Game Reserve is a vast populations of elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, buffaloes, giraffes, hippos and a variety of birds (over 170 species). In addition to traditional types of Safari tourists here can offer a trip to Savannah on horseback or motorcycles.

Accommodation at Aquila Private Game Reserve: equipped with modern appliances and furniture wooden Chalet, located on a picturesque hill. The placement price – from $225 per day per person.

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