Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Roaming? Calls abroad are cheaper!


If you are planning traveling abroad, you definitely need to pre-determine which SIM card to buy for the trip.

Roaming from Ukrainian mobile operators is not always profitable and convenient, and special travel SIM cards that offer great rates, have still one drawback-the telephone number change during the trip.


Using the phone in roaming

If you want to use your old SIM card while traveling, be sure to read the terms and roaming charges from your operator. Usually they are on the official website in the special section.

Please note that the mobile operator can offer several different tariff packages, roaming, different terms, prices, duration and cost. Also the prices of incoming and outgoing calls in roaming, megabytes of Internet and SMS is usually different for different countries. Be sure to check out the prices of roaming in the countries you are going to go and check all the necessary information on the rates of call-center operators.

Remember that in roaming money removed from the account, not only for outgoing calls, MB and SMS, but for incoming calls. Typically, the cost of incoming calls in several times cheaper for outgoing and for incoming SMS charges virtually all tariffs will be charged.

But mobile Internet in roaming is usually very expensive (about 5-10 UAH/MB) and is limited in daily volume.

The advantages of international roaming from the usual operators:

Disadvantages of international roaming from the usual operators:

Buying a SIM-card of local mobile operator

To buy a SIM card of local mobile operator upon arrival in another country is usually quite difficult.

Local mobile number will be convenient rates, especially if you come to this country not alone but with a group of friends or family: you will be able to freely call each other, chat via text, and almost unlimited access to mobile Internet.

Both the advantage and disadvantage will be a new room – it will only know those whom you let, that is, you will not be disturbed with phone calls during your vacation or business trips, but you will not be able to contact in case of need. The main difficulty can become acquainted with the conditions and tariffs of the local operator, since they are written in the local language.

The advantages of the SIM card of the local operator:

Cons SIM card of the local operator:

Buying a travel SIM card

Travel SIM card – it is, in fact, the same card, as the Ukrainian house operators, special rates for use abroad. You can buy it in any city of Ukraine – mobile phone shops and other specialized points of sale.

Travel SIM cards can be generic and so-called mono cards. If the first kind means that all (or almost all) countries of the world, the second – only in any one particular country. This is often the SIM card of the local operator of the country in which you plan to go.

Mono cards often offer before traveling to tourist companies. In such cases attached to them instruction in Russian or Ukrainian language. The same starter kit you can certainly buy it at the place itself, but first, get acquainted with the instructions and information on tariffs you would have with a dictionary in hand, and secondly, in the resort cities these SIM cards usually always sell at significantly inflated prices.

Universal travel SIM card available in Ukraine, basically, the three mobile operators: “TravelSIM”, “Goodline” and “GSM-Travel”. Prices for calls and SMS they have almost the same.

The pros of travel SIM card:

Cons of travel SIM card:

Calls from abroad on Skype

If you have a Skype account, you can also use it for calls home. Calls from Skype to other accounts this service will be free, will have to pay only if you call him on the phone number. This will need recharge Skype (this can be done by credit card or via special services).

It is also worth to take care about the Internet because this method of communication requires a Network connection. If the hotel or resort where you are planning to stay, there are free or inexpensive Wi-Fi, the question is solved by itself. If not, you will have to worry about buying a local SIM card for the Internet.

The advantages of Skype calls:

Cons of Skype calls:


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