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African Rodeo


Near Oudshoorn, in city South Africa, there is an Ostrich Farm – this is one of the world's biggest ostrich farms. Here tourists are offered a very unusual game, which will impress any fan of extreme tours – ostrich Rodeo.

Ostrich Farm covers an area of about 1500 hectares, which is recreated as closely as possible to the natural habitat of ostriches conditions. Now the farm is home to about half a hundred birds.

There is also a themed restaurant and gift shop with a variety of products – not from the decorative feathers to painted ostrich eggs and products made of ostrich skin.

Guests ostrich Park can offer special guided farm tour, during which tourists will be acquainted with the particularities of growing these birds and talk about their habits. If you decide to buy a tour on an ostrich farm in South Africa, you will be able to see ostriches in their natural habitat and visit the incubator where the Chicks are grown.

Tours are always very interesting and vivid, so visitors will find many surprises. Want to feed the ostrich with it? Yes please! Here you will choose your favorite bird and to surprise her with some delicacy. And if the soul asks for something more unusual and interesting, you can try yourself in the role of ostrich and even try to sit through one of the ostrich eggs.

But the most unusual attraction that is waiting for you at the Ostrich Farm – this is a ride on the ostriches. Everyone who wants to ride an ostrich listens to the brief gets a local working uniform and personal ostrich show starts!

Preparing to ride riding on an ostrich is quite unusual and-to mount the bird calmly let himself be ridden, she threw on his head a piece of cloth. When a passenger is arranged firmly on her back, the fabric is clean, then the ostrich goes to the race.

The secret to riding ostriches is simple: to keep you need over the wings, not the neck – then the bird calmer responds to the rider and not trying to run faster or to lose your human cargo.

The trip depends only on you – good dexterity and quick reactions will allow you to survive this extreme vehicle a little longer. The most skillful can stay on the back of an ostrich to 10 minutes, so we have something to strive for!

By the way, to such amusement only tourists, the weight not exceeding 70 kg.

When are the excursions to the ostrich farm? From 8:00 to 16:00 daily.

How much is the excursion to the ostrich farm? Buy adult ticket available for $8 and for children under 16 years of age – not for $4.

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Date of publication: 06.01.2014

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