Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Toll road in Germany


At the initiative of the authorities of Bavaria in Germany may soon have an additional fee for the use of roads, which will apply to all drivers.

The citizens of Germany in the case of final passage and approval of this bill will be to transfer funds for the use of toll roads in the form of additional annual tax, while tourists will have to pay the fee separately and completely different scheme. It is expected that gas stations will sell special stickers on cars that allow the use of toll motorways – buying them will be the purchase of a new road fee for foreign citizens.

Tourists in Germany who plan while traveling in this country to drive a private or rented vehicle and pay to use German roads will be required to purchase such adhesive labels to the desired duration. Allow the use of toll roads, the stickers will be available in two versions: a 10-day for €10 and two-month validity period for €20.

Innovation with additional tax levies from motorists has been welcomed in most regions of Germany without enthusiasm and local residents, and local authorities. Also against the new law was supported by the European Commission, describing it as discrimination in taxation, but the further fate of the controversial bill is as yet unclear.

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Date of publication: 17.09.2014

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