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The pyramid of Cheops is waiting for restoration


One of the oldest monuments in the world, the pyramid of Cheops at Giza, will be closed in the near future for restoration, so it is some time will be closed for tours.

The reason for this decision was the tourists themselves who, unfortunately,  love to write historical attractions their autographs. After a routine survey of the historic buildings Commission, which was engaged in the assessment pyramid, came to the conclusion about necessity of carrying out of restoration works for  this architectural monument.

The first “modern” the inscription on the pyramid appeared in the nineteenth century — then, the traveller also had a weakness for perpetuating the memory of their presence at different historical sites but did not do it with such passion and enthusiasm as our contemporaries.

Today the pyramid is covered with a great number of inscriptions, labels, and autographs left by tourists from different countries of the world. A large part of the inscriptions on the walls of the pyramids left by the markers that you can remove without damaging the surface of the masonry than will be engaged and restorers.

In addition to the exterior restoration of the pyramid of Cheops are waiting for other updates: the professionals will replace the existing lighting system of the pyramid. The upgraded lighting will be installed both outside and inside.

The last restoration of the pyramid of Cheops was conducted 15 years ago, and in 2015 came time for the next planned restoration of this Egyptian monuments. Recall that in early November 2014, after the completion of restoration works, was again open for tourists to visit the Sphinx.


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Date of publication: 23.01.2015

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