Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Ferries to Phuket are tightening security rules


Ferries from Phuket to become more secure: the island authorities have introduced more stringent rules of conduct for passengers on the ferries.

First, the new rules of transportation on the ferries categorically prohibit the use of on Board alcohol and any types of drugs. This prohibition includes any substance that can affect self-control, coordination, etc.

Secondly, passengers stranded on a ferry in Phuket must wear life jackets, which do not remove until the end of the trip.

Thirdly, during the voyage to anyone except members of the crew shall not be allowed to climb on the roof of the ferry on the top deck — all passengers will have to be strictly in their seats during the entire trip.

Fourth, no water transport will not be able to leave the port in case of bad weather – in such situations, the port will have a warning posted red flag. As reported in the Naval Department, now the resolution on the output port, the ferries to Phuket will be issued exclusively by the authorities of the island, so if the ban on access to the sea ferry with tourists arrive at the destination late, the Agency can no longer make any claim to the captains of the ships.

For additional control of the execution of new rules for ferries in Phuket the Thai authorities impose specific penalties for captains of the ferries. For example, in the absence of a life vest on the passenger, the captain will be fined $ 310, and if the ship leaves the port, despite the warning and prohibitive flag, the captain will go to prison for up to 6 months.

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Date of publication: 27.10.2014

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