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Freedom of choice

Holidays to Morocco in the winter? It's worth it!


Vacation in Morocco in January and February can be described briefly and succinctly: no crowds, low prices, nice weather and a lot of bright impressions from the trip.

Leisurely stroll through the city streets of Morocco have to be without constant looking at the map and divert to your mobile phone. Only in such a spontaneous hike through the narrow Moroccan streets, wrapped in the aromas of ginger, frankincense and turmeric, during a visit to the local shops and boutiques, which offer you everything — from handmade carpets milking gold jewelry and colorful Arab fabrics, you will be able to experience the true magic of Morocco.

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Morocco in the winter — weather and climate

When the summer is in full swing, to really enjoy the journey to Morocco will not all: in July and August is that the air temperature in the shade exceeds 40 degrees Celsius.

it is predictable that in this hot weather to be in an open area, under the scorching rays of the sun in the truest sense of the word dangerous, so it often happens that tourists, instead of to get acquainted with the local sights and go on excursions, most of the time in hotels due to the heat.

Winter in Morocco, on the contrary, very pleasant climate: while the Ukraine is experiencing all the delights of the snow (or not) of winter, here you will find a dry and cool season.

In the evenings and at night, of course, can be pretty cool, but even the coldest nights Morocco are not comparable with the temperatures in our country. Sometimes in January and February the temperature falls to +10, so if you plan to spend your winter vacation in this country, not be amiss to bring some warm clothes-a warm sweater, jacket and tight jeans may prove to be useful during the trip.

the weather in Morocco has another advantage: tourists here in the winter season, not as much as in summer, so, first, there are no noisy crowds, and secondly, the prices for accommodation are much lower, and thirdly — you can always find a room in the desired hotel.

vacation in Morocco

Go on a vacation in Morocco can be done in several different ways. To start is to decide what kind of tour you want — from the tour operator or independent.

In the first case, all the organizational moments of your journey — from choosing the flights to the accommodation and tour itineraries — will deal with travel Agency. the use this option you only need to tell us exactly how you want to travel and when, and Manager in the travel Agency, focusing on your wishes, choose the most convenient travel option and will take care of all the details, choose reliable, checked accommodation and good guides.

in addition, the tour program organized by the professionals will cover some really interesting sights and excursion routes. Also before the trip, you will certainly warn that you can and cannot do in Morocco — in this Arabic country has its own peculiarities due to religion and culture.

Downside might be it is that if you want  to radically change something already while on tour, for example, to stay for a longer time in any city to go on any additional excursions, etc., then this may not be possible due to lack of time. The tour program is always planned almost to the minute, and change of schedule will be very problematic.

travel to Morocco this plan gives more space for imagination and spontaneous requests.

In this method of travel also has several advantages. Extend the hotel to rebook, order are interested in a tour from a local travel Agency, to go again to any attractions and many other changes in the original plans for independent travel, you can make your plans almost any time. You are not tied to a tour group, the tour program hard and many other nuances.

Cons can be ill-conceived travel details, misunderstandings due to ignorance of the language, bad choice of hotel and other difficulties commonly encountered by inexperienced tourists when they visit unfamiliar countries. Therefore, before the trip is to devote some attention to understanding the culture, customs and laws of Morocco.

How to get to Morocco?

Ways to travel from Ukraine to Morocco there are several. You can go on vacation by plane (there are direct flights from Ukraine and indirect flights), or flight + sea — from some European cities to here ferries. The duration of the voyage is from 30 minutes to several hours depending on the ferry.

Ferries to Morocco run regularly from Portugal and Spain: from Algeciras to Tangier (the ticket price from €30), from Malaga to Nador and Melilla (the ticket price from €40), from Tarifa to Tangier (buy the ticket from €25).

Also from the Spanish of Ceuta and Melilla in the city buses, taxis and mini buses (the fare is usually about €1).

the Best tourist attractions in Morocco

Marrakech In the heart of the old town, is one of the most famous squares in the world — the Jemaa-El-Fna. During the day the life here never stops for a second: retail shops, trays and stalls are full of all kinds of jewelry and ornaments of gold, real Oriental rugs, ceramics, Souvenirs, fragrant spices, different varieties of tobacco and spices.

If you want to buy something here — be sure to haggle, because it is a real Bazaar, for which the ability to trade elevated almost to an art form, and no attempts to reset the price of any item may offend the seller. By the way, well listed buyers buyers of goods are often invited for tea and Shisha inside the shop or the tent to continue the bargaining in a comfortable environment.

Djemaa El Fna square is always someone acts — magicians, dancers, acrobats create a special flavor and demonstrate an amazing presentation of an admiring public.

interesting Koutoubia mosque in Marrakech, an architectural complex which includes the famous 70-metre minaret tower. Also worth a visit during a trip to Marrakech Menara olive grove and the incredible gardens of Agdal, enclosed by an unusual fence.

discount: Steep, narrow streets of Rabat, cobbled stone reminiscent of mountain passes, and local flea markets like a fairy-tale mazes, in which among the old that are not of interest items that you can find real treasures. Vintage ornaments of precious stones and metals, painted glassware, hand embroidery of incredible beauty and complexity, unique books and many more can meet the friendly buyer at reasonable prices.

Also be sure to visit the Royal Palace of Rabat and Mausoleum of Mohammed V — the amazing beauty of Eastern architecture is worth at least once to see this incredible structure up close.

Meknes In the list of must-see attractions in Morocco is also necessary to include and Meknes — a city that is often called the African Versailles, because it very clearly shows the influence of the French colonialists.

In comparison with other Moroccan cities of Meknes looks like a small European oasis in the colorful, sonorous East with its unique Arab flavour. The similarity with European cities is noticeable in everything: architecture, culture and atmosphere of the city will seem to you incredible family and friends. Go to ancient Eastern palaces of Meknes, take a walk through Arab orchards and then head to the exclusive cafés, reminiscent of Paris Montmartre to enjoy a Cup of coffee with a croissant.

Casablanca: Today this ancient city of Morocco has become one of the most popular tourist cities with all the usual big cities attributes. The gleaming glass and metal skyscrapers, all kinds of hotels, luxury restaurants and huge shopping malls definitely will be appreciated by those who cannot imagine their holiday without a developed infrastructure and all the benefits of civilization.

by the Way, is a contrasting combination of modern town, old Oriental architecture and ancient sites makes Casablanca a truly unique tourism city.

What attractions to see in Casablanca:

Hassan II Mosque minaret which is the tallest in the world — is the main attraction of Casablanca. Also worth a visit the Hassan II University, a Christian cemetery Ben-Msik and Russian Orthodox Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God, recorded in the register of world cultural heritage of UNESCO.

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