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Which countries are visa-free for Ukrainians, and which are not


Looking to go on holiday, but the deal with visa? Then why not to go to those countries that do not need a visa?

The list of visa-free countries for citizens of Ukraine today is quite impressive, so choose any resort to taste or to create a tourist route travelers with different travel preferences.

To go on holiday without a visa today, the Ukrainians are in 34 States with some countries of Europe, the former Soviet Union, Asia, Africa, North and South America.

This list in 2014 were the States with different climatic conditions, different types of resorts and destinations. Tropical and a warm country with exotic Oriental and classical European – the country's visa-free regime for Ukraine can offer almost any type of leisure travel.

The former Soviet Union, the entry for the Ukrainians without a visa on passport:

Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia.

Visa-free Europe:

Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro – enter the country for up to 90 days, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina – enter the country for up to 30 days.

Visa free countries for Ukraine in North America:

Guatemala, El Salvador, Antigua, Nicaragua and Barbuda.

Visa free countries South America:

Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay.

Visa free countries for Ukrainians in Asia:

Israel, Brunei, Malaysia, Turkey, Mongolia.

The country visa-free regime for Ukraine in Africa:

Tunisia, Swaziland (with prior reservations).

Visa free countries for citizens of Ukraine in Oceania:

Fiji, Samoa, Federal States Of Micronesia.

Visa for Ukrainians is available at the border when entering the country:

North America:

Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominica, Saint Vincent, East Timor.

South America:

Bolivia, Barbados.


Bhutan, Vietnam, Jordan, Cambodia, Lebanon, Thailand, Sri Lanka.


Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Seychelles, Zambia, Benin, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Djibouti, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, the Comoros, Namibia, Uganda, Togo, Sao Tome and Principe.


Tonga, Fiji, Tuvalu, And Palau.

To execute documents to enter Mexico, citizens of Ukraine can use the System of electronic authorization. If the Ukrainian citizens residing in the territory of the USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Schengen countries, or have a valid visa to enter the United States, arriving in Mexico with e-permits are not required – they are allowed visa-free entry. Similar requirements for entry into Cyprus.

Prior visa required for Ukrainians in such countries:


Ireland, UK, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Bulgaria, Romania.

North America:

USA, Canada, Cuba, the Bahamas, Panama, Belize, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad, Tobago.

South America:

Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia, Guyana, Chile. To enter the territory of Suriname, the citizens of Ukraine have to obtain prior permission from the visa Department of the foreign Ministry of the country.


United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Japan, Bahrain, India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkmenistan, Oman, Pakistan, South Korea, The Philippines.


Algeria, Morocco, Congo, Gambia, Angola, Botswana, Burundi, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Congo, côte d''ivoire, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Mauritania, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, South Africa, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Rwanda, Sudan, Senegal, Central African Republic, Chad.


Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands.

Attention! For entry in Schengen countries, the Ukrainians also need to open a visa in advance.

Where required a Schengen visa for citizens of Ukraine:

Germany, Austria, France, Estonia, Finland, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Poland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden.

To enter the territory of Croatia and Andorra Ukrainians an open double or multiple entry Schengen visa, but for the Vatican and San Marino need an Italian Schengen visa.

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Date of publication: 10.01.2014

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