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Rest on pirate island. Barbados


Bearded island (Os Barbados) – got from explorers to its name, according to legend, because of the surprisingly lush vegetation of Fig trees that cover this amazing land. The island of Barbados, without exaggeration, be called one of the most picturesque and beautiful places in the Caribbean. Calm deserted lagoons with shining bright tones of turquoise water and a soft pale pink sand of the wide beaches are unreal. They look like sprinkled with powdered sugar candy in fairy tales.

Beauty serenity

On the beaches there is such serene peace, that everyone who is in this Paradise, inadvertently tries to chat in a low voice, because any loud sound just seems blasphemous in this pastoral picture. Here you can experience the full unity with nature, and even small crabs running about their business as if trying not to rustle the sand, and at the sight of the people they tactfully go in different directions.

It should be noted that in Barbados, the standard of living is quite high. It is possible that for this reason the locals are so peaceful and friendly. In addition, on the island, which is a dominion of the British Empire, absolutely everyone speaks perfect English, which is very pleasing tourists from all countries.

Introduction Barbados

To explore this amazing island the best time is from November to may. The rest of the year in Barbados lasts the rainy season. But even in the rainy weather, the temperature here remains fairly high-about 28 degrees and the sea water is pleased with their warmth.

Hotels in Barbados, not so much, so if you are planning to visit the island during the peak tourist season, the hotel booking should take care in advance – not less than six months. For example, if you decide today to book for the New year in Barbados, the legendary Sandy Lane hotel (room rates start from $3200 per night), alas, you will be deeply disappointed-the hotel of empty seats, most likely, will not appear.

Sandy Lane. Pearl Barbados

In Sandy Lane always leave the priority for their regular customers, so the number of available rooms at such a time is quite small. Such a stir around the hotel, Sandy Lane is clear – even those who had the pleasure to relax on the best resorts in the world, recognize that this complex – something special. The beach, which is one of the most beautiful in the world, a private Golf club, the best quality of service on the island, the most luxurious on-site restaurants and rooms with rare antique furniture leave no one indifferent. Each guest of the Sandy Lane hotel at the airport definitely met by the driver in a BMW or Mercedes, and honorary Shuttle Rolls Royce Phantom.

Luxurious resorts and public beaches

On the West coast of the island, which is considered a fashionable resort, the prices for hotel rooms in high season vary significantly: from $800 to $1500 per day. If on the West coast of Barbados you'll want to rent a Villa with 4-6 bedrooms, it will cost from $2000 to $4000 per day. Although, of course, the question of luxury and comfort, as they say, there is no limit to perfection, and the rent exclusive of some objects may be close to $20 000 per night.

By the way, even the owners of multi-million dollar villas in Barbados can not restrict the access of tourists to the beaches near her on the island the entire coastline is public property is inviolable. So while walking along the sea every tourist can see modestly laying under a beach umbrella tycoon or Hollywood stars.

Journey to Barbados

When the issue has been resolved, it is worth considering the programme of activities on the island. Every guidebook lists the city on one of the first places puts a trip to the capital Bridgetown. During this tour you will learn about colonial architecture, a local copy of London's Trafalgar square with the statue of Nelson and the Museum of the historical society of Barbados. This tour is very interesting, but it should take only a few hours in rainy day – around still a lot that is worth seeing by itself.

Bridgetown – a typical port city where you will always see a lot of idle locals, odd jobs in the city markets and at the docks. In the air hovers the smell of this port city – it seems that even the bridge had fully impregnated with fish oil over centuries of Bridgetown.

In the still atmosphere of the XVI-XVII century. When you roam its streets, it feels like there is some epic fail in time, and you moved in the past, and that's over the horizon will be a real sailing ship with the pirate flag flying. By the way, this ship really is in the Bridgetown – in the Harbor is a very realistic decoration in the form of a huge wooden frigate. And really waving the black pirate flag! And around the ship in the warm tropical sun soak up the waves of the huge sea turtles – lured by the tourists, they swim there all the time, waiting for treats from the hands of crowding on the pier people. The amazing spectacle.

Shopping in Bridgetown

Many tourists come to Bridgetown especially for shopping trips. Many watch boutiques of famous brands and jewelry – diamonds and Colombian emeralds here in the special honor due to very attractive prices. For lovers of cricket, Polo and Golf, there is also specialized shops with equipment and everything you need for your favorite pastime.

One of the reasons such a fuss about shopping in Bridgetown – foreign tourists will be able to purchase any goods without paying taxes. Tax free shall be deducted in store at the cash registers and the receipt remains only to show at customs before departure. All over Barbados there are boutiques of world famous fashion Houses and luxury designers such as Cartier, Chopard, Louis faces Vuitton, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Agent Provocateur. As they say, all for your enjoyment.

Bathsheba – a Paradise for surfers

The East coast of Barbados and famous village of Bathsheba – another point, which must be in the list of every visitor to the island. This place-a real Paradise for experienced surfers – here is a very rough sea and high waves, so in Bathsheba championship surfing world level.

Visit Bathsheba, if you want to bring from vacation breathtaking photos. Wide deserted beaches stretch along miles of coastline, framed by giant size ancient coral cliffs. All who visited Bathsheba, just forever submit to a fascinating spectacle of large ocean waves crashing on the majestic rocks and turns into a hissing white foam.

South side (South Cost) – just the perfect place for surfing, Windsurfing and kite surfing, for young people who loves night parties. There may very well rest those tourists who can not afford luxury villas and hotels on the West coast.

Barbados: Paradise for gourmets

A holiday in Barbados will be an incomparable pleasure not for wildlife enthusiasts, extreme athletes and fans a good shopping experience, but also the most demanding gourmets. In Zagat's, American restaurant guide – the equivalent of the European Michelin – marked with many restaurants and clubs, offering local dishes (fish, soup, pasta with seafood), and European fusion. Certainly worth a try in the restaurants of Barbados pasta sea food and pumpkin soup. These local dishes are beyond praise, and deserve ten stars out of five!


Not to mention a rich, vibrant nightlife Barbados. The island residents love and know how to have fun. You will definitely find out on Friday when, after the end of the day in every lane appears karaoke equipment, while barbadians begin to skillfully perform world-famous hits.

Evening weekend should start on Friday, the weekly Oistins fish festival, which takes place in the town of Austins. And after dinner you can head to the famous club of the Harbor. This place easily beats all of the capital's bars and clubs: dance floor right on the ocean, lit by burning torches, a real pirate rum, sea breeze and, of course, the best music of the season. You simply will not be able to leave the Harbor lights until dawn!

A beautiful resident of Barbados dancing simply amazing. Looking them filled with the passion of movement, and ldquo;the whites” in men can permanently lose his head. And the Barbados girl is so beautiful, that famous native, the singer Rihanna, you can easily call ugly.

Little magic of Barbados

To talk about unrealistic beauty and diversity of this small Caribbean Islands can be infinite. Hardly will leave someone indifferent to the amazing nature of Barbados. Unexpected and such a natural in his natural spontaneity in the hotel Tolstoy mongoose or little monkey is always sincere smiles at all. Adults feel an indescribable childish delight and squealing with joy, seeing them swim in the water a turtle, or a huge caterpillar creeping stolidly about his business.

After visiting Barbados, you will definitely want to come back again, so on the eve of returning home set out to meet the sunset on the Caribbean sea. Locals say that if you see in the distance a flock soaring over the water silvery fish-letjag, your every desire will be fulfilled. Try it, because once again to visit Barbados-it is to be in Paradise!

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