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Freedom of choice

Olympic games for robots


Singapore will host the 21st games robots – Singapore Robotic Games 2014. The competition between the machines under the control of their creators-the engineers will be held on 22 and 23 January 2014.

The festival of robots, which is part of Singapore Robotic Games 2014, will be 16 categories, each of which will be selected the robot is a winner.

Visitors and participants of the festival will be able to observe a wide variety of competition cars. Robots will participate in various competitions and marathons in which developers of smart machines will be able to demonstrate precise control, technical and software solutions of its models.

The organizers of robot festival called the event “the Olympics for robots”, and claim that this festival will be very interesting for both professionals and ordinary viewers.

Main areas of competition:

Date holding Singapore Robotic Games 2014: on January 21-22, 2014.

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Date of publication: 16.01.2014

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