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Education abroad: 10 best cities in the world


Almost every one of us at least once thought about studying in a foreign University or to continue his education, obtained in Ukraine, abroad. For some, these thoughts remain dreams, and someone on the contrary — selects a country where he would like to get a diploma is determined by University and specialty, and then packs his bags and goes toward a new stage in his life.

You just think, where exactly abroad to study better? Then we can offer you a list of cities for students — 10 cities with the top universities and an interesting student life that offer its graduates a broad perspective.

1. Paris, France

In the French capital, located as many as 17 universities recognized as among the best in the world.

Lectures read here famous scientists from different countries, and the groups are very small, which makes a very high quality of education and, consequently, the chances of a decent employment of graduates — leading companies from Europe are excited to compete for the opportunity to get the staff qualified, educated in Paris. By the way, despite the rather high cost of living in Paris, the price of education is consistently delights students with their affordability.

2. Melbourne, Australia

Took second place in the ranking of student cities Melbourne in Australia, is also considered the best city in the world for life — plenty of leisure facilities, rich cultural life, beautiful nature and excellent conditions for active recreation. Education at the universities of Melbourne is also top quality, which makes the graduates attractive employees at the international labour market.

The only drawback of the universities of Melbourne — the high cost. And very costly is the cost of education and cost of living in the city.

3. London, UK

18 universities located in London, occupies the top places in the ranking of world universities, and the capital of Albion is a key research center in the world. Gorgeous collection of the British library, impeccable training programs and lectures from leading research workers, and make education in London universities is very promising and desirable for the British, and for students from other countries.

On the downside, as in previous cases, the main obstacle to obtaining a diploma are London prices: the cost of both training and facilities makes it inaccessible to many potential students.

4. Sydney, Australia

Sydney is located five universities recognized all over the world and many foreigners dream of becoming their audience. The reasons for this excitement are two: a decent standard quality of education in them and the perfect conditions for life in the city. Sydney — the multinational city, which is surprisingly a relaxed friendly atmosphere, moreover, the cost of living in this metropolis is lower than in the same London.

5. Kong, China

Huge Chinese metropolis, Hong Kong, rounded out the top 5 best cities for students — low cost of education in local universities, good quality of education and many students from all over the world makes it very popular among foreign youth. The universities of Hong Kong are very comfortable for training foreign students thanks to its multinational and loyal attitude to the guests from other countries.

6. Boston, USA

Boston is the world-famous Harvard University, as well as 6 major universities, graduates of which are invariably struggling employers from different countries.

The cost of studying in American universities, of course, starts from $40000, but the schools in Boston offer their students a variety of financial assistance to compensate for high fees.

7. Tokyo, Japan

In the Japanese capital has 10 prestigious universities, the quality of education which is recognized worldwide. Due to the populous Tokyo, this city is not entirely the student's, and because of the lack of isolation of the student society from the mainstream of society, students of universities are not isolated from the world.

Want to learn Japanese culture, to study and work in Tokyo? Japanese universities are always open for new students!

8. Montreal, Canada

Montreal, the second largest and significant city of Canada, will be the best choice for those who want to study in the context of a hybrid culture. Due to the merging together of many nationalities, cultures, religions and languages, which took place over more than one decade, this metropolis is today one of the most comfortable to stay and study for foreign students.

9. Toronto, Canada

The largest city in Canada combines the best of what to offer to foreign applicants is the state: modern infrastructure, rich cultural life, beautiful nature, a multinational and prestigious universities with available programs. By the way, the University of Toronto in the ranking of the best universities in the world, occupies 18-e a place.

10. Seoul, South Korea

In Seoul, there are 14 world-renowned prestigious universities, the graduates of which would be happy to invite large companies from different countries of the world. In addition, the Korean universities themselves contribute to the employment of graduates, actively attracting foreign employers.

In addition to the universities foreign students in Seoul attracted by magnificent nature, rich culture and bright city life that never stops for a minute.

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Date of publication: 03.12.2014

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