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New York: non-touristy attractions


Like old houses in the Dutch style, which is bordered by high skyscrapers of glass and concrete, a popular new York city intersect with the region and to find them enough to know which direction to look.

We will tell you what is interesting and unusual can be found in a seemingly studied along and across the city, each attraction which has long been known, examined and discussed.

What is hidden behind the closed doors of the Brooklyn bridge?

One of the many symbols of new York – the Brooklyn bridge. Thousands of tourists pass over this bridge every day from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back. Visiting the bridge is found in the popular lists "Top 10 places to visit in the Big Apple" and "must-see new York".

And see here really is something. Ships passing through the East river, a harsh arch in the Gothic style and beautiful views of Lower Manhattan leave no one indifferent. The arches of the Brooklyn bridge attracts the eye, praised in the works of artists and poets.

But if you walk along the bridge from the Manhattan side, we can see that the design base is located tightly boarded up the doors — a very unusual sights of new York. The impression that these doors have not been opened for years, and looking at them, one wonders why they are at the level of several meters above the ground?

The appearance of these doors is closely linked to the development of the transport network in new York. In some areas of the city, for example, in Brooklyn and Queens, still can see the ground line of the metro which are a few metres above the ground and are not connected to ground message.

Once these underground lines were in Manhattan. Today, a similar plan was implemented in Chicago, where the subway lines are above ground even in the Central streets of the city. It is because of such transport system of the metropolis was divided into "upper" and "bottom". The top and bottom there are many commercial buildings, shops and boutiques, while the numbering of buildings in common, which often confuses those who are new to the city.

If in Chicago this type of construction was used extensively in new York from this idea was abandoned, and all the subway lines were "hidden" under the earth. And the entire infrastructure that would operate near the ground lines were unused. Stores and shops closed, and not earned in full force, and after them, left quite a legacy in the form of such “hanging” in the air doors, which attract the attention of tourists.

How to see the Statue of Liberty?

While walking through Lower Manhattan, you will definitely hit battery Park where the Statue of Liberty and Ellis island offers a great view. Here, you will be asked to purchase a ticket for the ferry that will take you to the Statue. Many of those who went to see this landmark of new York, the result was disappointed. Near the statue is not so impressive, but the memory was only exhausting the queue for the ferries.

But there is an excellent alternative to see the Statue of Liberty up close, while not paying for viewing a single penny. New York is divided into five districts, and one of them, Staten island is not connected by lines with the others. In the literal sense of the word is the island that you can get on only by water.

The city authorities have launched a round-the-clock ferry that runs for free from the port of Staten island to Lower Manhattan. Recovering from the ferry terminal, located just a five minute walk from the pier for ferries to the Statue of Liberty.

If you know what to look for, you will definitely notice a large ferry is orange, where you can have a great ride. In the terminal, marked with the sign of the Staten Island Ferry, no controls, so no matter you are a tourist or a native new Yorker. To use this ferry no one will stop you.

You can enjoy not only from the water to the skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, past which lies the path of the ferry. The trip lasts about twenty minutes, after which you will have a choice – to return by the same ferry back to Manhattan or to stay and walk on the island.

To buy tickets for a Broadway show? For half the price!

Superior performances, beautiful set design, careful selection of actors and original solutions in the course of the performances brought a Broadway show to worldwide fame.

Today, across new York in a few theatres held a wide variety of views. Of course, tickets for performances of this level are, respectively, – prices on Broadway shows difficult to call humane.

But new Yorkers, getting to the performance, never pay full price – Theatre Development Fund, a nonprofit organization in new York, offers day-to-day to buy tickets with 40% discount and above on these shows.

Those tourists who know about this secret, go to times square to buy discount tickets. But the problem with this option is that there are a lot of, many hours that turns out to be a dubious pleasure for tourists. But few know that a similar office Theater Development Fund located in Lower Manhattan, on the corner of Fulton street and South street, so there is a queue at times less, and the waiting time is reduced to 15-20 minutes.

Secret signs cemetery Trinity

Near Trinity Church in Manhattan is a cemetery that holds many mysteries. The most famous of them – the secret signs on the graves of Richard Cherchera and James Leeson.

Grave owned by Richard Tercero, is one of the oldest in the cemetery of Trinity. According to the inscription on the front side of tombstone is the final resting place of a 5-year-old boy who died in 1681. On the back of the monument are carved with strange symbols-hourglass with wings and a skull and crossbones. But the significance of these figures is quite simple – time flies, and after death comes.

Not less interesting is the grave of James Leeson nearby. On the ground next to her is the symbol of the Masonic Lodge, and on the gravestone, repeating its bends, caused a secret code – squares with randomly scattered dots. But the mystery is actually solved quite simply – if we compare these symbols with letters of the alphabet, it becomes clear that the "secret" inscription means only the phrase "memento".

Where did the Bull on wall street?

In fact, the bull is not on the wall street, and next – at the corner of state street and Broadway. If you ask about the significance of the bull, will be happy to tell you that he represents the players of capitalism, power, strength and pressure in games on the stock exchange.

Although, of course, truth in these words is, in fact, the bull symbolizes something more than it might seem at first glance. In the Museum the new-York historical society, located in Upper Manhattan, the collection features painting by William Holbrook Byrd called "Bulls and bears in the market". Byrd was famous for his love of caricature images of people in animal and in this picture its symbolism inspired by the very real facts.

"Bulls" used to be called the aggressive or optimistic investors who were hoping for appreciation of the stock, and the name "bears" was assigned to the conservatives. On the picture of the bird, depicting the slaughter of animals on wall street, the events correspond to what was happening at the time in the economic sphere of the United States.

And after the stock market crash of American sculptor Arturo Di Modica gave the town quite a peculiar gift – a huge bronze statue of a bull. The statue the author has placed at stock exchange, near the Christmas tree. Some time later the statue was moved to its present location, which to this day represents a class aggressive investors, optimistic looking to the future and hoping to increase their income.

How to speak through the walls at Grand Central?

Attractions of new York Main, which are worth a visit, there is usually always include the station Grand Central.

now the old new York station, which has more than 100 years, sends and receives only commuter trains. However, the station is always crowded-here come thousands of tourists to see the famous building from the inside, there are a variety of activities and excursions.

Central holds many secrets and mysteries, one of which is & ldquo;whispering Gallery and traumatology. If you go down, next to the famous oyster bar you will see a vaulted gallery. In its angles there are people who like talking to walls. But in fact, thanks to a special arched layout of the sound sweeps across the ceiling, and you can hear what the man says, standing a few meters away on the other side of the gallery. To achieve this effect, to say it should be in a corner and wait for a response from the same. It is noteworthy that many do not know about this gallery and seeing this strange behavior of people just pass by.

To see filming of a Hollywood blockbuster

While walking around the city, you will notice on certain streets, ads printed on colored paper with the same text: there is no Parking.

But this is not a typical prohibit Parking in this place-if you get it close and carefully read the information written below, you will see that these ads warn about upcoming shots here that require an empty street without parked cars.

In new York city removed a lot of movies, TV shows and TV series, so there is quite a common thing for local resident – not to catch the crew on the street. Similar ads stated what the day will be shooting, what you plan to shoot and what the film company in charge of the project.

If you are lucky, you will be able to watch the process of shooting some popular movie or show, and for this you just need to pay attention to the ads.

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