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New ship Regent Seven Seas Explorer


The cruise company Regent Seven Seas, specializing in the premium travel class, has announced final signing with the Italian construction shipyards Fincantieri shipyard contract for the construction of a new cruise liner.

The ship which goes to sea in 2016, called the Regent Seven Seas Explorer.

New liner, as promised by the company, become the epitome of luxury and comfort travel. Cruise liner Regent Seven Seas Explorer is only rated for 750 passengers, and each of them will create the best conditions for rest.

As promised the representatives of the company, Seven Seas Explorer will be the most luxurious cruise ship in the world. On Board travelers will have to wait for the highest level of service, elegant modern design, the best restaurants and many different activities.

All passenger cabins of the new ship will be the only luxury, each with a private balcony. For interior decoration you plan to use decorative exotic stone lining, polished wood of noble breeds, natural fabrics, sophisticated lighting and unique pieces of art.

Also among the cabins of passenger Seven Seas Explorer will be a very special luxury apartment-suites, the price which will be about $6000 per night. 360 square meters is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living living space will accommodate two spacious bedrooms, a living room, a private SPA and a sauna.

The first cruise season, the Seven Seas Explorer will include travel throughout the Mediterranean. The cruise itineraries will pass through Ibiza, Barcelona (Spain), St. Tropez (France), Venice (Italy), Kotor (Montenegro), Zadar (Croatia), Koper (Slovenia), Alexandria (Egypt), Istanbul (Turkey), Haifa and Israel (Jerusalem).

At the beginning of the cruise season in 2016, the company announces 11 rounds (in the period from 3 August to 16 November 2016):

Cruises Regent Seven Seas Explorer for 2016 in advance, since 4 February 2015.

If you want to buy a cruise Regent Seven Seas Explorer for 2016, contact managers Online Tickets by phone:

You can also contact for consultation, and selection of a cruise in our office at the address: Dnipropetrovsk, Artema str., 2.

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Date of publication: 21.01.2015

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