Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

New fines in Italy: €600 per cigarette


The beaches of Sardinia have become inhospitable Smoking tourists. Now vacationers who choose to enjoy tobacco smoke on the Cote d'azur Italian resorts will be forced to pay a big fine — about 600 euros.

Such radical measures, the local authorities decided to undertake in connection with the frequent complaints of tourists and locals for tourists, smokers, which not only disturb others to enjoy the clean sea air, but also leave behind a lot of cigarette butts, and other ‘cigarette’ rubbish.

Special claim to the smokers, by the way, is in the pollution-cigarette butts that people so carefully dropped into the sand on the beaches, decompose in nature about two hundred years, and regularly sift the sand to purify it from this almost eternal garbage is simply unrealistic.

As polite warnings and requests not to do to tourists are very weak, the local authorities were forced to act more radically. The first caught a breaker was a few days ago a tourist from Denmark, who decided to extinguish a cigarette butt in the sand of the beach of Alghero. She had to pay €600 fine for its approach to waste disposal.

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Date of publication: 26.08.2014

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