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New Year Paris


Christmas in Paris…

Somehow our tourists immediately imagine a winter city-a picture from old Christmas cards with all the classic attributes – wrapped a huge snow blanket the streets before the festive illuminations. But Paris in the new year is completely different, and to enjoy its special charm to be able to.

In the French capital with almost no snow, very little Mandarin and they don't fill the tart-sweet flavor of the festive streets. And, of course, you will not see here the usual us noisy new year celebrations in the Russian style. And the New year is inferior to Christmas in popularity and festivity. But, despite such unusual differences, a lot of amazing and very beautiful moments are able to give guests new year's of the French capital's most magical experiences.

You can buy a tour to Paris for the New year with ready-made entertainment, or choose to self drive and explore the French capital without any pre-plans – in any event, lots of fun will be guaranteed.

Christmas markets

One of the most popular and interesting places for tourists in Paris for the New year – the Christmas market on the Champs Elysees. Here, in a small wooden hut-the pavilions you will find many pleasant surprises – all kinds of Souvenirs and Christmas decorations are handmade to sweets and hot mulled wine.

And few visitors to the winter fair can refuse the amazing French pancakes or a Cup of hot chocolate, because they give a special taste of the holiday, cannot resist neither adult nor child.

Another popular Christmas market in Paris is located in Paris business district – Defense. Here, in addition to the fairs, you'll see another unusual attraction – the original “business” tree.

Christmas illuminations

Paris for many centuries, is considered a trendsetter, and a special French style is not only the things that are sold in Parisian boutiques, but the boutiques themselves.

During the winter holidays it has a special Christmas atmosphere. Every Parisian boutique seemed to be involved in the contest for the most unusual and original Christmas tree design Christmas decorations store. And in the evening streets of Paris highlights festive lights and Christmas lights decorating the streets during the holidays, create an amazing impression.

But another Christmas attraction in Paris, which invariably attracts the attention of tourists – live showcases in major shopping galleries Lafayette and Printemps.

The facades of these stores come to life at Christmas time – beautiful festive illuminations, puppet shows thumbnails in the Windows and mouth-watering aroma of roasted chestnuts, which are sold immediately, never leave indifferent any tourist who decides to celebrate the New year in Paris.

Main tree France

The square in front of Notre Dame Cathedral decorated with a huge Christmas tree, which by its size and beauty of the jewelry corresponds to the proud title of the main Christmas tree of France. By Christmas the walls of the Cathedral there is a festive installation, illustrating the biblical Christmas stories, but in the new year's eve you will see there are many partying tourists and the French.

Ferris Wheel and ice rink

One of the most famous Paris attractions-Ferris wheel, appearing in the Tuileries garden during the holidays. Lit with festive lights, it creates a vivid atmosphere of the festival. The square in front of Paris city hall for the holidays is filled with water, turning into a skating rink where everyone can go for a run on skates.

Disneyland — a fairy tale for the New year

Disneyland Paris – a place where not only children but many adults will gladly celebrate the New year. New year's eve Disneyland Paris usually offers a special celebration with fireworks and a real lot of fun. If you decide to celebrate the New year at Disneyland, you can be sure – vivid impressions you will be provided with for many years!

New Year at the Eiffel tower

Probably the most vivid dream of every tourist who goes to a Christmas vacation to Paris – to celebrate the New year under the Eiffel tower. Lit with festive lights, it gathers on this night, thousands of people, and there just is no room for boredom and despair.

Here you can see tourists from different countries who came here for new year's eve. Rest assured-you will not remain on the side of this bright festive cycle with songs, dances and noisy festivities. You will hear a sincere congratulations with the New year on a good hundred languages in the world, you will drink champagne on the brotherhood and generously share their festive mood.

Be sure to bring a bottle of champagne and tangerines or sweets to the feeling of Christmas miracle was the most vivid and complete.

New year celebrations in Paris usually last up to three hours a night.

Weather in Paris

But what not to do in the New year in Paris is to visit Versailles. This time of year, you will not find here anything festive – wet snow covered in winter, the statues and the naked black trees don't have enough to the festive mood and can spoil the experience of the holiday.

Weather in Paris for the New year, not quite winter – 31 December, is usually zero temperature (about 5 degrees), so the snow you will not see – rather, the rain and the damp.

Where to stay for New year in Paris?

To stay in Paris for the New year, of course, better in the city centre, close to the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel tower, so after the New year celebration didn't have too long to get to the hotel. But book hotel room beforehand, as demand for these days is very high, and you just can not find the availability.

But if you have already buy tickets to Paris and book a hotel in the centre of the capital did not, do not worry – Paris of the hotel, a bit remote from the town centre, we can offer you great service for a very reasonable cost.

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