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New Year carnival in Cape town


In Cape town, the capital of South Africa, January 2, 2014 to host the traditional new year's Kaapse Klopse.

“Carnival of color” is a bright and very colorful event, one of the oldest in the history of Cape town holidays, and for many years it just always attracts crowds of tourists.

The history of this holiday such a fun and colorful today, is directly connected with a rather dark history of colonization and slavery that existed here for a long time. In the XIX century, when black slaves in honor of the New year were given one day off among  the black population there has arisen a tradition to make this day a big feast with noisy songs and dances.

Pretty soon the white population of Cape town has found a new game – white artists have resisted the show-parody on this black holiday. The actors had painted faces with burnt cork, dressed up in colorful costumes pretending to be black, and parodied their holiday. Soon traditional new year festival of the black population has changed – now the blacks are put on the face mask of white clay and painted in their humorous songs and staged scenes white population.

Today, many of those same songs that were played here during the carnivals in the past century, tourists can hear during the Kaapse Klopse, and the use of representations of white makeup was one of the features of the event.

Plan Kaapse Klopse 2014:

Carnival will begin with the morning 02.01.2014.

Start time of the parade around 12:00. The place where the procession will go: Sixth district of Cape town.

The event will participate the order of 10,000 musicians, dancers and actors. Dressed in colorful costumes, the carnival participants will be on the streets of Cape town singing and dancing, after which everyone will gather at the Green Point stadium, which will host a large communal concert.

At the carnival, all over town the streets will have plenty of tents where tourists can buy Souvenirs and various national delicacy.

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Date of publication: 30.12.2013

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