Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

New cat-cafe in Finland


In the second largest city of Finland, Tampere, opened its first cat café.

Enjoy a Cup of aromatic coffee in the furry company visitors will in October, 2014.

In the cat cafe Purnauskis can host up to 25 visitors. They will be from 5 to 10 cats of different breeds, sizes and ages. Fluffy staff for this cat cafe will provide local humane society.

The owners will care for their furry employees, and cats will actively communicate with visitors. But, in fact, cat and ldquo;work” in this cafe will be temporary – this is the main purpose of this action is to find new owners for the animals.

Visitors koto-cafe will be able as much as necessary to communicate and play with resident Pets, and then take to their permanent place of residence any furry cafe worker.

Similar cat cafe may soon be opened in the Finnish capital, Helsinki – at the initiative of the society of protection of animals in Finland.

The so-called koto-cafe trace their history back to 1998, when Taipei, Taiwan, opened the first restaurant to combine eating and sitting in an embrace with cats.

The idea proved so topical that within a few years, the cafe with the cats began to open around the world.

Today, such places where visitors can eat or have a Cup of coffee is not alone, but with a furry companion can be found in the most popular tourist cities: Tokyo, Madrid, London, Budapest, and many others.

Address Purnauskis cat cafe: Tampere, Aaltosenkatu 31–33.

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Date of publication: 21.08.2014

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