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Normandy: 3 festival in September


Normandy: 3 festival in September.

Planning a tour of France? Every journey always imply familiarity with the local cuisine.

To visit this wonderful country, and not to try traditional dishes, drinks and unusual delicacies — it's an inexcusable omission, especially if some treats you can try only here in Normandy! Norman cheeses, wines, vegetable dishes and lots of local cider will make your stay in this colorful country, not only interesting, but incredibly tasty.

September in Normandy – time freedom for gastronomic gourmets. In the first autumn month here is a few major fairs and food festivals during which everyone will be able to enjoy the best delicacies of Normandy.

The festival of cheese

Cheese festival 2014 will be held in the town of Neufchatel-EN-Bray, France, on 20 and 21 September. At this annual festival foodies can taste and buy the different varieties of cheese, including the famous Neufchatel, which from the 10th century is prepared according to the same recipe.

Guests will be able to taste this cheese with red wine and homemade bread-soft, surprisingly gentle consistency of Neufchatel cheese, covered with a thin layer of a special mold, is considered a delicacy worldwide, and its spicy mushroom flavor can conquer to the heart of even the most demanding gourmet.

If you visit the Festival in Neufchatel-EN-Bray, definitely take a chance to buy real cheese Neufchatel – anywhere it is not doing so delicious here!

Cider and the dragon

But the town of Merville-Franceville-Plage 22 — 23 Sep turn into a big stage for a colourful festival in the best tradition of the reenactment of the middle ages.

Living dragon, which is mentioned in the name of the festival, of course, you will not find here, but a traditional Normandy cider of different varieties to the guests of the event will be offered in abundance: sweet, sour and bitter types of cider to their grateful admirers.

Authentic folk festival “the Cider and the dragon” will give you a sea of bright impressions from local cuisine, stylized under the ancient festival of performances of actors, musicians and magicians, and learn from the ancient Norman culture.

1001 vegetables

In Bamisile 27-28 September will be a culinary-horticultural festival “1001 vegetable”. During this event you can taste organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices, to communicate with farmers and, if offered at the fair range you find something you like, buy plants and seedlings.

This festival will appeal not only to those interested in gardening, but also adherents of vegetarianism and eco-friendly diets.

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Date of publication: 22.08.2014

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