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Unusual laws for motorists


For anybody not a secret that in many countries there are still outdated or just very strange rules and laws, which are more like joke than the officially applicable law.

And if, for example, information about the ban on throwing a moose out of a plane (works in Alaska) or by tying a crocodile to a fire hydrant (spelled out in the legislation of new Orleans) you may not be useful during a trip abroad, the knowledge of some extraordinary regulations concerning the driving of a car may be useful for those traveling abroad.

Or at least just to lighten the mood.

So, what unusual laws for drivers exist in different countries, what you can be fined or even jail time? Top 15 funny, weird and just unusual rules for motorists.


For driving without issued by the local authorities driving license in Vietnam can receive a prison term of up to three years.


In Scandinavia for the duration of the trip must be included the lights, regardless of location and time of day.


The driver alcohol content in the blood exceeds 1 ppm, threatened with imprisonment.


In Thailand, forbidden driving Topless. And fined for the management of any kind of car without a shirt can not only women but also men drivers. The size of the fine is about$10.

The Republic of Costa Rica

It is forbidden to listen to loud music in the car, if you parked or passing by a school, hospital or Church. But in Costa Rica can quite openly drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel. The only condition – alcohol content in blood after consumption of alcohol should not exceed 0.05 ppm.


But the French are very concerned about the problem of drunk drivers: for absence in salon of the car a portable breathalyzer you could be fined$ 15. By the way, for those who decided to rent a car in France, there are special sets of breathalyzer. The cost of this set equals about 5$.


If you do not have very good eyesight and you have to wear corrective glasses while driving in Spain you are required to keep a spare pair of glasses in the cabin, if you sit behind the wheel.


If you don't want to pay a fine in the amount of 35$, while driving a car in Cyprus in any case, keep your hands off the wheel. Even if motorists do not bear any aggressive message to other road users, the fine may just waving his hands during his stay at the wheel. In addition, drivers in Cyprus are forbidden, drink driving – even plain water.


All registered in Serbia, the cars must be equipped with during the visit, the special towing beam, and in the trunk they have to lay tow rope with length of 3 meters.

South Africa

The driver in South Africa can be fined$ 500 if he will not give way to animal rider or shepherd. It is absolutely not essential, what animal hurt you, the shepherd was accompanied by & ndash; horse, ox, ass, goat, sheep, pig or ostrich.


If you inadvertently drive the car through a puddle and douse the pedestrian, the fine that you will be forced to pay will be 60$. But compared to the penalties for driving while intoxicated, this amount looks completely innocent: a drunk driver in Japan will be fined a minimum of$ 9,000, and each passenger will be obliged to pay a minimum of$3,000.


The reason for the penalty in the UK could be even an Apple or a sandwich if you eat it while driving. This snack on the road can cost you at least £ 60. Also it still has a law requiring taxi drivers to carry in the car a bag of oats and a bale of pressed hay.


In order not to be fined in the Philippines, it is not necessary to drive on Mondays if your car ends in 1 or 2.


In the United States (Montana) you can be fined for transporting sheep in the back of the car one by one – or bring a furry passenger in the driver's cabin, or look for her company during the trip. And in Nevada, the police will write you a fine for riding a camel ride, if you ride on the highway. The driver in Alaska will be penalized if he goes with the dog on the car roof.

Saudi Arabia

Woman driver in Saudi Arabia even fined – it is arrested, as in this country women have no right to drive a car.

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Date of publication: 16.05.2014

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