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Mini-cruises in Abu Dhabi


National mangrove nature reserve, Eastern Mangroves Lagoon (Abu Dhabi, UAE) offers tourists sightseeing cruises around the Bay Khor Al Baghal. During these mini-tours, travelers can see the amazing beauty of the mangrove Islands, which are inhabited by exotic animals, birds and insects.

Earlier, the national Park of the Eastern Mangroves Lagoon offers its visitors such a sea kayak, but not everyone could use such a proposal as the passengers of the boat had to go rowing and driving the rented watercraft on their own.

As for the protection of ecosystems in its territories prohibited the use of classic motor boats for quite a while alternative to kayaking to visit in Abu Dhabi was not.

But in 2014, the administration of the protected area went to meet the guests of the Park, and now, apart from sea kayaking to mangrove Islands can be reached by a special inflatable boats with electric drive.

New mini-cruises in Abu Dhabi also provide for independent management of leased water transport, but now this trip will allow travelers to use physical force, special knowledge or skills. Before departure, the tourists will get a brief five-minute instruction from a qualified professional, after which they will be able to go on a short journey to the rainforests, without any special effort to control an inflatable boat.

To rent a boat to cruise the Bay  Khor Al Baghal area is at different times – from an hour to three hours. The rental price varies depending on duration of trip: 30-minute stroll to the mangrove Islands tourists have to pay about $55 (200 AED), and for three hours – about $196 (700 AED).

the reference: national nature reserve, Eastern Mangroves Lagoon – unique mangrove forest, located in shallow water in the Bay of Khor Al Baghal. The flora and fauna of the protected zone of Abu Dhabi is very diverse: here live flamingos, black herons, octopus, rays and crabs of different species, many exotic insects, fish and plants.

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Date of publication: 03.10.2014

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