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Freedom of choice

The best ski resorts in America


When autumn «happy» us exclusively of dampness and mud, and the soul asks of the Christmas frosts and crisp soft snow, it's time to think about the ski resort where you can spend the winter holidays.

Fans of winter holidays in the traditional sense usually massively keen on the European ski resorts, though it has managed repeatedly to study them inside and out. But we suggest to look for a ski vacation in new ways.

Where to ski in America?

The one who at least once visited the United States immediately noted an interesting national characteristic – exceptional thoroughness in all that relates to business. In almost any industry – from the trade of doughnuts to the construction of planes – the final product here to be brought to perfection, because there is always a need to meet the requirements of the largest consumer market on the planet, which is the highest competition. And what here to speak of such services as a ski vacation? And, of course, you should add an amazingly biased attention to the main mountain resorts in the USA from the snow of the Department of corporations of Nature.

Snow at U.S. resorts dry as flour! The Americans have even invented a special name for it – powder. Here in the mountains you will not be able to play in the snow-the snow just does not stick. And more – it's not just a lot, and lots of it!

Choose ski resorts America

In the Alps, the average snow level for the year is usually a 2-2. 5 m, while in the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming or Utah snow, up to 7-7,5 m, and in some seasons the snow height reaches 12 m!

It is worth noting the particularly high requirements of environmental legislation of the States – to recall a fine of $1 million, which had to pay Shawn Parker for hosting the wedding in Sequoya Park. Given such strict control, there is nature in its original form.

Wild traces of avalanches and rockfalls, genuine surprise at the sight of the people in the eyes of the deer – without this natural real wild nature it is difficult to imagine holidays in the ski resorts of America.

Accommodation in the resorts of the United States also differs from the traditional European Canon. Popular form of accommodation here – condominiums or apartments. The most common variants of layouts have a living room with a fireplace (usually gas, but there are also wood burning), from 1-2 to 3-4 bedrooms and a spacious kitchen. Area of these apartments are quite large (up to 250 sqm). By the way, here's the booking apartments are usually not tied to the weekly expansion – you will be able to shoot at 4-5, and 12-15 days.

Nearly every hotel complex has outdoor pools with the obligatory hot-tube, a lobby lounge with bar, fireplace and classic hunting attributes in the form of antler chandeliers and large chandeliers.

Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado

The old town of aspen, located at 354 km West of Denver at an elevation of about 2400 meters above sea level, gave the name of one of the most popular resorts in the USA. 14 km away is the town of Snowmass. Both of these settlements and four ski areas around them – aspen highlands, aspen mountain, buttermilk and Snowmass-form the largest ski region aspen-Snowmass.

Aspen Snowmass consists of 350 runs with a total length of 512 km, elevation of about 1342 meters. And despite the reputation of the prestigious and, of course, fairly expensive resort, you can relax and with a very small budget.

Aspen Mountain – it is the only U.S. area in which there is no one “green” track. And although the newcomers here to do, in fact, nothing, advanced skiers with pleasure will appreciate the steep slopes of Ajax.

The most extensive region where the greatest number of trails for lovers of quiet ride – Snowmass. There is also a special ski school for children, two regularly operated HalfPipe for snowboarders and a Fun Park.

Buttermilk most comfortable will be for beginners, fans of cross-country skiing, walking and relaxing family vacation. For snowboarders there is a the longest on the planet Park with ramps, jumps and a variety of shapes of different complexity.

Besides snowboarding there is also a nature Reserve, white river, Spa resort in Glenwood springs, Glenwood canyon, Museum of art and lake maroon. And, of course, excellent infrastructure-many restaurants, bars and cafes on the mountain, cinemas, discos and art galleries. Here is the world's only fan-a Park designed just for skiers and special children's trails. Here you can try dog sledding in the nursery Krabloonik, snowshoeing excursions, to visit the Centre of cross-country skiing in Snowmass, indoor ice rink, ice hockey rink, a sports complex and the center of the paintball, to try backcountry, ski mountaineering, ice climbing and ski touring.

Jackson hole, Wyoming

Wyoming – this is the heart of the Wild West with an incendiary atmosphere of the cowboy Rodeo, stunning landscapes and natural splendor of Yellowstone National Park. Local mountains in the winter turn into a real source of happiness to virtuosos of virgin lands. And, perhaps, for moose, which is, perhaps, not fewer than skiers.

Here lies a unique “easy” snow and open up limitless possibilities for off-piste skiing. The atmosphere is Jackson worthy to spend your winter vacation even if you are not an avid fan of deep snow.

Marking trails in Jackson hole has nothing to do with the standard principles of marking trails at other ski resorts. The administration of the resort kindly asks snowboarders and skiers to start skiing in Jackson exclusively with green slopes, regardless of their experience and skills. Near Jackson hole is Snow King – a small ski area for beginners, which even offers night skiing.

For easy skiing and learning for guests of Snow King and Apres Vous Area. For fans of extreme slopes will approach the slopes of the Randezvous. For fans absolutely wild forest of the slopes is recommended, Casper Bowl and Crags. Corbet's Couloir, with its 50-degree slope-just a legendary place on the map ski off-pist. During the whole season in Jackson Hole, you can meet many professional freeriders.

Besides snowboarding here is a look at the Hot springs in YellowStone park and old town, repeats the atmosphere of the Wild West with saloons and colorful Indian shops and the iconic Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Obyazatelno try the balloon tour and dog sledding, to hire snowмобиль for walks in the snowy forests of the National Park Grand Teton.

Alta/Snowbird, Utah

Alta/Snowbird – is a resort that just love Americans, it's just the perfect place to escape the office for a couple of days in big mountains - Weekend Escape Travel.

Snowbird and Alta – are combined in one large network, a single ski-pass’om two huge ski region. It's a real powder-oasis in which throughout the year receives an average of 600 inches of snow (Yes, it is incredible 15,24 meters). And the snow here is so soft and gentle that Americans compare it with the foam on the cappuccino.

Vertical elevation is nearly 1 km and provides the opportunity to turn on 89 runs, 38% of which are medium difficulty, and 35% black. The highest point of the Snowbird located at the altitude of 3,353 m. the resort Alta heights is slightly more modest: from the top (3216 m) to the bottom of the drop is 616 m, but the slopes here are much more – 116 (75% of the trails there are secondary and tertiary category).

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