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The Crimea in 2014. Will there be a holiday?


Crimean season 2014 continues to be in jeopardy.

The majority of Ukrainian citizens does not consider the Crimean Peninsula as a possible location for a vacation in the summer and autumn of 2014, preferring alternative Crimea holidays, and citizens of the Russian Federation on which the new government of the ARC were staked this season, that is not in a hurry to buy permits on the Crimean coast.

The main thing that worries Russian tourists, visa issues and security – due to the uncertain political situation and conflicting information in the media, many Russian tourists were in relation to the rest of the Crimean wait-and-see position.

As representatives of Aviasales, the largest Russian metapoiskovikom of tickets, if during the last few years, the Simferopol steadily in the top ten most popular holiday destinations in Russian in the summer season, but now he, like all Crimean direction began perceptibly to take the position.

Booking and sale of tickets to Simferopol in March 2014 decreased by 20% compared to figures for the same month in 2013. But in General on the Crimean direction demand for tickets since the beginning of 2014 fell by 50% compared to the same period last year.

The lull in buying tickets to Crimean destinations especially noticeable on the background of growth in Russia, the popularity of pre-sales and reservations of tickets through the Internet – this year the majority of Russian tourists buying tickets and vouchers for several months before the trip.

A serious fall in demand for holidays in the Crimea also noted tour operators: worsening relations between Russia and Ukraine has triggered the loss of one third of tourist arrivals from Russia under long-term vouchers and short sightseeing tours in the Crimea the situation is even worse.

As reported by Alexander Trofimov, Executive Director of the Association of resorts of Crimea, in 2013, ARC was visited by about 2 million tourists from Russia, after the aggravation of the political situation in the country of reservation is fully stopped.

Also remains unclear and the situation with children's health camps in the Crimea, which took on vacation, treatment and health improvement of children from Russia. Parents who have already book or buy tickets to the Crimea children are very concerned about the situation and don't know whether to risk sending their children to improve their health in such a tense situation.

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Date of publication: 24.03.2014

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