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China: tourist bridge-Mobius strip


In China design striking pedestrian bridge which should be not only comfortable, but also very interesting for tourists.

A huge pedestrian bridge in the shape of a möbius strip, will appear in the Chinese province of Hunan. Dutch architectural office Next, which is developing the bridge project, argues that analogues of this unusual architectural compositions in the world, so the bridge that will connect the banks of the river near Meyksi lake, will be innovative in architecture.

Meyksi lake, Chinese “future” is an experimental project with a large green area and eco-friendly buildings. Meyksi lake is built around a large lake and it will flow a set of artificial rivers.

In the city, which will occupy an area of about 11 square kilometers, can accommodate of the order of 180-200 thousand people. Therefore, a new pedestrian bridge will be the city not only a landmark, but also will create for residents and visitors Meyksi lake with the most comfortable conditions for fast and safe movement.

Bridge-Mobius strip will be constructed of steel and painted red. It will be branched into several levels with pedestrian paths at different heights, connected to each other. The length of the new bridge will be 150 meters, and height-24 meters.

The end of work on the construction of the bridge Mobius is scheduled for 2016.

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Date of publication: 06.01.2014

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