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How to make a Game of Thrones: seasons 5, 7 countries (part 1)


Shooting fantastic Saga "Game of Thrones”, which is in its fifth year stirred the minds of viewers from all over the world, going at a fast pace.

In less than a month season 5 of the film adaptation of ‘a Song of ice and fire” will be released, and this is significant for the millions of fans date, we have prepared an overview of the places where was filmed the different episodes of "Thrones”. Fans of the series who want to go there, where they filmed "the Thrones" will be able to create his or her trails a fascinating journey through the filming locations of your favourite movie.

Country where they filmed seasons of Game of Thrones: Croatia, Spain, Morocco, Malta, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Scotland.

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Shooting Game of Thrones in Spain

The landscapes and sights of Spain will make their debut in season 5 "Thrones”. Seville became the movie capital of the mandrel, the city and its fortress became the Water gardens, an arena for bull fights in Osun has become an arena of Meereen and the Roman bridge of Cordoba was the Long bridge of Volantis.

according to the filmmakers, the inhabitants of Andalusia are so reacted positively to the news of the arrival of the crew “Game of Thrones” that in less than a day Studio HBO received over 86,000 applications to participate in the mass meeting of the citizens of Osuna. And this despite the fact that it was initially announced 550 vacancies for these roles, and the total number of residents of this town — at least 18,000 people.

Shooting Game of Thrones in Morocco

Eastern country, Morocco, in “Game of Thrones” has become a hot Essos.

Daenerys Targaryen had a chance to travel a lot and in “Game of thrones”, in reality. The scenes with her participation were shot in three countries: Malta, Morocco and Croatia. In Morocco, the creators decided to recreate the hottest continent of Essos. The ancient Ksar of AIT-Ben-Haddou in various episodes of “Game” has become two cities: the Yunkai and Pentos, free and slave cities of Essos. A scene talks about Daenerys purchase the Unsullied have appeared on the walls of the fortress city of Essaouira.

Shooting Game of Thrones in Iceland

Scenes associated with the Wall, the wildlings, the Watch and other inhabitants of this part of the Seven Kingdoms took place in the harsh Iceland. The tourists traveling on the trail of ‘Game of Thrones”, must visit the picturesque grotto Grjotagja hot springs, located near lake Myvatn, which sounded long ago became a catch phrase Ygritte “you know Nothing, Jon snow”.

But if you want to look at the place where the shooting took place Camp Wild, go to the lava fields of Dimmuborgir (located very close to the cave Grjotagja). The land beyond the Wall was filmed on the Vatnajökull glacier, barren snowy wastelands which were just the perfect backdrop for the crew “Game of Thrones" of the Fangs of Frost steel wick, Hofdabrekka and Myrdalur, and River land — Thingvellir national Park.

A feature of the filming of the Saga in the lands of Iceland was that the crew could only work a few hours a day due to very little daylight.

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