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How to obtain a visa in Ukraine


Planning a trip to the States? Portal Online Tikets have prepared for you the most complete and detailed instructions for obtaining a U.S. visa, which is the process of obtaining permission to enter the U.S. will be simple and understandable even for the novice traveler.

Many travelers believe that to issue a visa more difficult than Schengen, and in fact, to obtain permission for entry to the United States much easier than it seems, and the chances of getting a visa to the United States is quite high.

So, the visa to America!

The main thing you need to open a non-immigrant visa is the solvency of the tourist and substantiated purpose of travel.

1. What type of visa in the USA to choose?

On the website of the Embassy of the United States of America, select the type of nonimmigrant visa you want to open.

Please note that if you apply for the visa corresponding to your purpose of visit, or will not be able to prove the purpose of his travel, in some cases, you may not be allowed into the U.S. at the arrival point.

Such sanctions can be applied, for example, when trying to enter the United States on a visitor's visa from the media. So choose the visa category in this registry must be very careful: if you plan to work in the U.S. during your stay in this country, you need to get a work visa if you plan to travel, select "tourist visa". In General, to determine the right category is not difficult.

List of categories of nonimmigrant visas in the United States:

2. Paying fees

Depending on the type of visa visa fees changing. Payment fees are paid in local currency at the current Consular exchange rate, payments are accepted in offices of Bank Raiffeisen Bank Aval.

Remember that the visa fee – this payment for consideration of documents for the visa, not the payment for its issuance. If after consideration of the application the visa application is denied, the application fee will not be refunded.

Visa fees USA:


Visas for tourist and business trips

Transit visa

Student visa

Visas for participants of exchange programs

Visas for crew members of ships and aircraft.

Visas for professional workers from countries of the North American free trade area

Visas for victims of trafficking

Visas for victims of criminal activity.

Visas for journalists and media representatives.


Visas for interns, temporary/seasonal workers

Visas for leading experts and executives in the United States.

Visas for individuals with extraordinary abilities

Visas for athletes, artists, actors

Visas for participants in international cultural exchange programs

Visas for religious workers


Visas for brides or husbands/wives of US citizens


Treaty traders/investors and Australian experts


3. How to fill the online application form for US visa

Online DS-160 application form which is available on the website of the State Department of the United States of America, are also necessary for obtaining a visa to the States.

To prepare for the application process for a visa beforehand, as it must be completed by yourself in English, and it is allocated only 20 minutes. All data should be presented concisely and accurately. Before filling visa application forms please see our list of the most frequently asked questions on the website of the US state Department in advance, prepare your passport and take a photo.

The entered data will not be sent until until you press the confirm button, so no need to worry that the questionnaire will go unfinished.

After sending the form will display a confirmation page filing DS-160, which you will then take to the interview.

Photo Requirements for DS-160:

Photos must be 600x600 pixels, and the size – not more than 240 KB. File format-JPEG. Must be visible shoulders, face and ears are open. The photograph can be scanned from paper.

4. Entering data in the system profile of the U.S. Embassy

Sign up on the website of the U.S. Embassy. After registration you will be able to provide your personal data, desired place of delivery of documents that confirm the payment of the visa fee and to select the type of visa.

Also available will be menu to schedule an appointment, prompting you to specify the number of your passport, ten digit barcode number from the confirmation page of DS-160 and receipt number of payment of visa fee.

5. Interview in USA Embassy

An hour before your appointment time to come to the Embassy with all the documents. The visa officer will examine your documents and ask clarifying questions.

In the case of a positive decision on the visa, a few days after the interview at the Embassy you get the visa at the address provided by you during registration.

In some cases, before a visa can be an administrative consideration; you also have to be taken fingerprints – additional security measures that can be applied to some foreign nationals.

If your documents will undergo an additional procedure, over which time the visa can be transferred, you must inform. But really have to worry about it not worth it – even though by law, such further measures and can be applied to all, in practice, this happens only rarely.

The consular section of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine address:

Telephone the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine:


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