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Advices about safe driving in the rain


Those who decided to time travel or business trip is to hire a car, usually very care with the rented equipment. The situation on the road are different, and quite often there are situations where experienced drivers can easily avoid difficult situations on the road, while young motorists due to the lack of necessary knowledge and experience can even get into an accident.

Booking service Online Tikets have prepared for you some tips concerning driving car in the rain and on wet roads, which can be useful not only to those who decided to take the car to rent, but drivers who are driving personal car. Perhaps, of course, you know perfectly well how to drive in adverse weather conditions, but still, to refresh this knowledge in memory will not be superfluous.

So how to drive in the rain?

The first rule of driving in the rain – distancing. Of course, this rule is mandatory in any weather, but in rain the risk of emergency situation on the road increases, and the insufficient distance may cause much more serious consequences than in normal weather.

The same applies to the speed control: do not scorch under the weather, even if you are sure that able to control the situation, because you were not confident in their driving skills, you never can be sure other participants of road traffic. Furthermore, on wet roads and in poor visibility it is strongly recommended not to perform any high speed maneuvers – skidding to a halt, turning or changing lane, it's easy to leave Hughes in any direction.

Before the puddles on the road, always reduce your speed, because, firstly, under dirty muddy water could be hiding an impressive pit or open drainage, and, secondly, water can get into the brake discs, which will significantly reduce the braking ability of the car. To dry the brakes after crossing the puddle repeatedly press the brake pedal.

If you entered in the road “pond” at speed, the car started, in any case, do not try to change the trajectory – in this situation, you need a smooth throttle, and start braking just after crossing the water-covered stretch of road.

Do not use cruise control in rainy weather. In most cars the cruise control under wet weather not standardised, so the activation of this mode will lead to the fact that  will behave as on dry roads, which is unacceptable.

Braking on wet roads you need to start in advance, while the brake pedal must be held down as smooth as possible – not only will this protect you from skidding your car, but also will allow drivers who are traveling behind you, to see your maneuver in advance, and also to slow down.

Be especially careful the first few hours after the start of rain roads are always covered with dust and a thin layer of spilled car oil, mixed with rainwater, making it very slippery. If it rains long or he is very strong, this explosive mixture, in the end, washed off, so that the risk of accidents on wet roads is reduced.

In rainy weather, stay away from trucks and buses away – usually from under their wheels to the side behind cars constantly flying dirt, which is in contact with the windshield it can deprive you of the review at the wrong time.

If you are a very skilled driver in the rain the other car can be your perfect guide – if you settle for riding the same as you in the direction of the car, you will be able to move confidently, repeating the maneuvers in front of the driver.

In addition, always turn on in the rain the headlights (dipped beam). The best option for rainy weather-fog.

And finally, the last tip for those who decided to conquer the road during rain: if the destination you need to get to a strictly specified time, please arrive early, as in rainy weather the speed of the traffic flow averages about 40—50 km/h.

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Date of publication: 19.05.2014

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