Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Women's taxi in Goa


In the smallest state of India, Goa, was a woman taxi – modern, safe and comfortable for foreign tourists and for local residents.

To use the services of this taxi can only women. The first 10 cars for women already operating on routes of the state from October, 2014.

The women taxi service in Goa according to the Goa Tourism organization, on the initiative of which it was created, to help to actively develop tourism in the region, and will make your stay in Goa more comfortable and attractive for women.

Reportedly behind the wheel of such vehicles will have only women drivers, trained self-defense techniques, rules of etiquette, the basics of psychology, first aid and foreign languages. Thus, the driver can not only accurately maintain the vehicle on the desired route, but also keep the conversation going, telling about local attractions, in fact, performing the duties of a guide, and even to protect or assist in any emergency.

Each car female taxi will be equipped with an electronic counter with the function of the cheque, GPS system, air conditioning, portable first aid kit, fire extinguisher and emergency panic button sends the signal to the main office of the taxi service. The passenger cars can pay tolls with cash, but a map – in a taxi a mandatory set POS. The identity of the driver is displayed in the direct access of passengers on the dashboard of each car. Also on special display in the cab shows the phone numbers of local emergency services.

In addition, for further safety of drivers and passengers, the movement of all vehicles female taxi koordiniruyutsya and fixed by the managers of the main office located in real time at any time of the day or night.

The taxi routes that now serve the airport, train and bus stations, local hotels, shopping center and major tourist attractions.

To rent a car client can call the taxi service (number 0832 - 2437437), only specifying that they want the car for women. Tariffs for taxi fares are set and controlled by the government of the state of Goa.

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Date of publication: 18.11.2014

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